Tuesday, August 1, 2017

GC Day 10: Fav Shops + Resources (for Gyaru + other Jfashion)♥

Hello Cuties~
I wanted to continue with the 30 day
Gyaru Challenge but struggled with writing a post
for day #10.  Therefore, I've changed the topic!
{inspired by Lizziebee's recent post♥}
My Favorite Shops + Resources
*for Gyaru purposes lol
I've separated them into categories.  Also, this compiled
list is just my opinion based off of my experiences ^^

Circle Lenses
 Rakuten shop: LOOOK
     So far, my favorite place to buy lenses specifically because this shop caters to those in search of 1 day, 1 week or 1 month lenses.  My search for 1 day lenses was very hard and my sources seemed extremely limited before.
     Although I've only purchased 2 items, it was the quickest process I've experienced with buying circle lenses.  You aren't limited to just this shop though.  There are many other lens shops that include yearly lenses.  (post where I briefly talk about buying from Rakuten: link♥)
 Pinkicon shop
     Has a pretty nice variety of circle lenses: yearly, 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day.  The site is constantly circling around the lenses they sell, bringing in newer lenses as they are released.  Before attempting to order from Rakuten, Pinkicon was where I could find the 1 day lenses I wanted.  Pinkicon has a lot of 1 day lens brands compared to other circle lens shops like PinkyParadise, Eyecandy, etc.  But the shipping / process time is alike in these sites; takes about 2+ weeks.  I've ordered from pinkicon twice but have tried 5 different lenses.  Links:
Clothes + accessories
Some places listed aren't exclusively J-fashion stores but
items fit specific Japanese styles~

 Angelcat1225 (taobao link)
     90% Himekaji style clothing, most likely all replicas but lovely quality!  The shop includes lots of Liz Lisa "in store" comparison pictures.  The prices vary but are very fair/low.  I believe some listings compile secondhand items, but I am not 100% positive.  Some items in the shop are very fitting for Larme style!  I've purchased 5 items from Angelcat1225~

 Bobon21 (taobao link)
     Previously, this shop was soley Himekaji and Himegyaru.  It now includes a great amount of Larme items.  I loved the past seasons' designs, they've changed a little but the clothing is still cute!  I've only purchased 2 items from Bobon21~

 Rakuten: Dreamv (link♥)
     Dreamv is the home of many different styles!  You can find items for Himekaji, Onee, Kurogyaru, Ora Ora, Agejo. . .  I've purchased 2 items (both tops)~  (You can read about shopping experience with Rakuten and Dejapan at these links: ).

 Yahoo! Auctions Japan
     This one was always tricky to me when I first got into Gyaru.  I couldn't wrap my mind around how gals were purchasing secondhand brand items and assumed it was too difficult.  I gave Yahoo! Auctions a try via Dejapan and it went well ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७ Although I've only shopped here once, I do see myself making future purchases; and it's already staple shopping source for gals (besides Gyaru community sales).  Gyaru community sales is basically the same as Yahoo! Auctions, I've just never bought anything through Gyaru community sales.

     There's nothing wrong with some thrifting~  Personally I love coming across clothes that fit well into Japanese fashion styles.  Not everything has to be name brand.  I also think it's helpful to have general pieces so that they are interchangeable and used in multiple ways.  Here are some 'gal like' items I've picked up from thrift stores.
*a suede and faux fur coat great for himekaji
*purse great for agejo coords
*handbag that could fit kurogyaru or onee style
*faux fur coat ideal for agejo and kurogyaru

Honorable Mentions:
 Candy Rain (taobao link)

Main styles are Himekaji and Himegyaru.  I loooove the designs of many of their dresses but some items are kind of over priced if you ask me.  I say this because I don't imagine that the quality is superb but hey I don't know that for sure, that's just my assumption.

 Elfe in Our House (taobao link)
This shop is just my kind of aesthetic lol Their items can be incorporated into Larme and Menhera! 

 Lizbabe (taobao link)
Mainly Agejo and Onee style pieces!

KawaiiGyaruShop (link♥)
For all your authentic Japanese brand needs~ I hear you gotta act fast if you see something you really want!  I hope to buy from them one day.
*basically just false eyelashes lol

     I don't have much opinion on these places because I usually use western makeup brands, apart from some falsies.  In the past, I was gifted with Dolly Wink, Diamond Lash, and Eyemazing lashes.  (meaning I haven't purchases Japanese makeup on my own)

     However, I'm aware that you can find some lashes like Diamond Lash, Eyemazing, and Dolly Wink on amazon and ebay.  You can find tons on Rakuten as well; other makeup brands like Canmake and Heroine Make / Kiss Me too!  These brands can also be found on circle lens shops like Pinkyparadise but personally, I've had too many issues / incidents with ordering from them.

     A site I'm dying to buy from is The Cosme Box! (link♥)  They sell lots of brands and different products for lips, eyes, eyebrows, and face.  At the moment, I am awaiting my Japanese makeup haul (from dejapan); so I will have a better opinion once I receive it all.  ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ
Helpful Resources
If you're going to go down the taobao route, you'll need a few things to help you out!
 Taobao terms / dictionary links
     The entire site is in Chinese so if you can't read it like me, you can use the links I've provided above!  The first link is a list of terms that can be very useful when searching for items.  Whether you just want to know the search term for boots or something as specific as "galaxy seifuku"; it's in here!  The second link is more for finding terms like: pre-order, secondhand, custom made, in stock, etc.

 Shopping Services (link ♥)
     Within this link, you will find a list of various shopping services.  The chart breaks down each site's payment and shipping methods.  In order to shop from taobao, you have to use a shopping service if you don't have a Chinese address.  My go-to shopping service is taobaoring!  Here's my blog post on how to use taobaoring (link ♥).

 Japanese terms + sizing
That took a very long time to type and put together lol
If you have some places you love to shop for J-fashion needs,
I'd love to know what they are!

~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. This post is VERY helpful! Thank you! I will definitely be bookmarking it for when I can finally shop xD

    1. Awww yay yay yaaay!!! I'm so happy this was helpful o(^∀^*)o I figured so many people have done posts like this what's the point, but sharing my own experiences are what makes it different / worth it. So I'm glad I decided to post it ^^
      - Amiman♥