Thursday, July 27, 2017

Citybound Girl | Photoshoot✌💕

Hello my cuties~
ah I'm behind in updating again ;;
I've been holding onto these photos for like a week
and dying to show you guys!

A little over a week ago
my friends, Maya and Kristen, and I spent a day 
in the city taking photos of each other ♥
It was tons of fun being models
(and even photographers)
for a day!
Maya's the habitual/studying photographer but I appreciate her
letting us have fun, and also letting herself become the focus of
photos for once.
Top: Liz Lisa replica (taobao)
Skirt: taobao
Shoes: Gianni Bini
Accessories: Forever21, handmade, Betsey Johnson
I got to wear a few things from my recent taobao haul.
The shirt is so soft, comfy, and kept me from dying
of heat lol
I am a HUGE dork, okay? I'm always giggling
or curling in on myself when I'm asked to pose.

The photos taken in front of houses were the funniest
because we'd hop out of the car and snap pics quickly if
it appeared that anyone was home!
The places that were chosen are so aesthetically
pleasing and matched our styles accordingly~
Lots of candids because I'm always over thinking
my body placement or talking lol
 This was probably one of my favorite spots!
A cute little flower shop on the corner in Mid-City~
I want to go inside one day ^^
 A super "fun" shot because this is where I started to
loosen up and "act cute" as my friends say.
 Yay my accessories appeared here~ lol
The necklace is a precious heart-shaped stone
that my friend gave me in college.
Purse is from Betsey Johnson she designs
the best purses and jewelry!
(during this shot maya shouts: "yaaaass" lol)
Outfit Change
 When I tell you this and the next pic are 100%
candid and only look nice by the grace of some god. .
I mean it lol
OP: Image
Shoes: Rue21
Accessories: Forever21, handmade
 By this time it had rained so everywhere was damp
I was so scared to let go of my train lol
This was shot next to Kawaii Nola, a Japanese
novelty and fashion store that I blogged about once.
(feels like centuries ago now)

Afterwards we grabbed lunch at Dat Dog!
Hmm how should I describe this place?
Colorful on the inside and outside~
Initially, it's a hot dog joint but you can customize it
from the meat, to the bun, to the toppings.
Vegan? They've got that too!

I ordered my personal favorite:
Crawfish Etouffee dog
& Crawfish Etouffee fries on the side!

Hope you enjoyed the picture spam~
And thank you for listening to me ramble lol
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. Omg all of these shots came out great! You're so beautiful!!!!!!

    1. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 waaahh thank you Ki-ki!!!!♥♥♥ (are nicknames ok? hehe)

    2. Wahhhhhh of course!!!!! X3 ♥♥♥