Thursday, December 31, 2020

Onee Gal Holiday Style 🥂

Hello Cuties!

     It's New Years Eve, Cuties!  I didn't get around to sharing my Christmas look with you guys, so here it is.


Coat - Forever21
Turtleneck - Felina
Dress - 3.6.5
Boots - Charlotte Russe 
Accessories - gifted, Forever21

     I was totally feeling myself that day!  I really liked my makeup too.  I got to wear my "I Am Beautiful" lip kit from the Hocus Pocus x Colourpop collaboration.  Absolutely my favorite red lipstick!

     Surprise, surprise!  I have circle lenses, Woo!  I'm going to be doing a review on these soon.  How do you like them?

     The category is ✨eyes✨.  I used a combo of colors for my eyeshadow look: colourpop's drift as a base, a few complementary shades from the Saharan Blush palette, and colourpop's three's a cloud as a topper and in my inner eye.  Popped on my must have lashes, Cherry Blossom #805 and Diamond Lash charming eye.
( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ )
     For the face, I used my Juvia's Place foundation stick.  Oh and I also used orange blush again!  I think I'm obsessed. (lol)

     I don't have much planned for New Year's Day.  Just another day with my sweet Prince~  What are your plans to celebrate the new year?

~ Love you x Amiman ~

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Makeup Gets✨

Hello Cuties~

     Here's a random post about my recent "gets".  I picked up a new blush palette!  Juvia's Place Saharan Blush Palette Vol.1 .  Cue the ooo's and aah's ~ 

     I finally have an orange blush that works well with my complexion!!  No more using orange eye shadows that usually have glitter in it xD.  So far I've only tapped into "Toby", however I'm looking forward to trying them all! I'm looking at "Zane" next~  I hope that the deepest shade here complements my Fenty mocha mami.  I'm thinking if I contour my nose with just mocha mami, and use "Aby" for contouring the rest of my face, it should come together nicely.

     I'm in love with how versatile this palette is!  Honestly speaking, traveling with this blush palette would be amazing.  You can create eye shadow looks with it easily.  Just pack a single liquid glitter for that extra punch and you're Gucci. 👌(ᵔ.ᵔ)

     Would you believe the whole purpose of making a purchase with Juvia's Place was to get a new foundation?  I did end up getting their shade stick in "Namibia" .  Only used it once so far, but I like it!
     Soooo story is, I really wanted to find a good deal on a foundation.  This was during black Friday / cyber Monday.  I had my heart set on trying out Huda's faux filter foundation stick, buuuut it's still too new of a product to qualify for holiday sales.  Call me cheap but, I can't just splurge on a foundation from a brand I've never used before (lol).  And I doubt samples are something Sephora is giving out during the pandemic (plus I'm terrified to be in a mall right now).  So, until I can catch that item on a sale, I'll stick with Juvia's Place.

     What are your recent cosmetic buys?  Anything on your wishlist?  I'm currently crying over the Hipdot x MCR collaboration. 
( TT__TT) Until next time y'all~

~ Love you x Amiman ~