Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tropicale 🌴🌺

Hello Hotties~

     I couldn't wait to share this look with you guys!  (However I did wait.)  But anywho~  I don't know what to call this look.  Sometimes I'm not worried with substyles or labels.  It's very tropical though, perfect for Summer!  

     Remember this outfit?  I wore this exactly the same way; shoes, bag and all because this dress deserves effort!

     I really dropped the ball on choosing a nice lipstick.  I have the perfect orange lipstick and lip gloss, what's wrong with me?!(҂ `з´ )  But I digress . . .   Notice anything new?  Perhaps my new lenses~?  I'm wearing OLENS Knock Knock in 601 (gray).  I really like them!

~ and ~
     This was a fun little protective style!  I love the wooden beads so much   reminds me of my childhood.  I hope to revisit this style again!

xoxo, Amiman ♥

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Loalo JP🌺

Hello Cuties~~

     Curse these lazy bones and mind of mine~  I wanted to write much sooner about this, but have you heard the news?  The debut of a new Gal magazine :  Loalo!  Papillon wrote a post for the initial announcement here.  It features a few Gals you may recognize and some new faces we'll get to know!

     Based on the captions from their Instagram posts, Loalo promises lots of attractive women with a healthy tan 🤭.  They also mentioned a collection of photos focused on gravure — had to look this up because I lack knowledge on these kinds of terms.  

        "Gravure idols, in most cases, emphasize their sexual
        attractiveness and often model in swimsuits" (UD).

So I guess we shall expect lots of bikini clad Gals~  Perhaps they'll be some fashion shots too?  I'd love to see just a big range of styles in this magazine.  We are getting a lot of different vibes with the roster of models; their styles are all significantly different.  So what models have been announced so far?

     Sora Fujiki — the covergirl!  She's a DJ next to modeling and her style outside of photoshoots is very minimalistic.  Swapping between simplistic or mature, for sure Onee gyaru.

     Harutamu — (this photo was used for nostalgic reasons (T_T)  But the queen herself was announced as the second model!  Her style has changed a lot since her Black Diamond gyarusa days.  She's still glamorous as ever!  I suppose her style is more Onee too now.  I don't get to see many images of her not modeling swimwear or clothing brands.  Harutamu is also a DJ!

     Asami Natsuki — a new face for me!  I took a journey down her Instagram page and it's mostly swimwear or lingerie modeling.  But if you did a little deeper, you'll see her style outside of that is pretty casual.  You'll also find a bit of kyabajo influence in some of her photoshoots.

     Machirin — yet another iconic queen!!!  So excited to see her in this magazine~  She's known for tsuyome and ganguro style.  You may recognize her from the group -from 2000!  (They were interviewed for Papillon magazine too~)  Her makeup is always next level and although -from 2000 has disbanded, Machirin still makes music!

     Pacha — another new face!  She's so cute, I really love her style!  Just from her Instagram, I'd say she mostly follows American fashion trends.  Looking forward to seeing and learning more about her!

     Yuuramomo — I am psyched to see her in a magazine!  I've been following her for a while before hearing about Loalo.  She is such a cool chica!  Her entire Instagram is full of great looks, talk about #goals.  Very much so an ora ora gal!  I love pictures of her on her motorbike (the car pics are great too).  The girl can drift and look hot while doing it~

     Runa Yatsuki aka Shimoruna — I just about screamed when she was announced as a model for Loalo.  Gorgeous and sexy 👀 (not sure if she's still in adult video) I just really love her style!  She was one of the reasons I got that LV multi pochette; I can't help but be influenced by her alluring looks and lifestyle!

     Overall I'm just excited for a new magazine!  I can't wait to see what the first issue brings!  And who knows, maybe more familiar faces may show up for the next volumes?  

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