Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Life's Too Short To Blend In

Hello Cuties~

     I've been going through it.  Life is proving to be waiting for no one.  I want to be out and about, playing, laughing and drinking but the world is burning so to say.  So I got dressed up and pretended everything was okay.  I'm trying to get the most out of my "hot girl summer" but I'm trapped between work and a dying planet.

But enough about me spiraling, step back into 2003 with me! ðŸ’«

top . . . Q fashion
skirt . . . Hollister
belt . . . d.i.a
shoes . . . aliexpress
accessories . . . Forever21, Betsey Johnson, aliexpress

(click for better quality / details)

     Ah~~ I love, love, loooove this outfit!  Y'all know I'm a sucker for details.  My favorite details are the belly ring and the various crosses.  My toe ring and platform sandals are definitely honorable mentions.  I don't think I've ever worn so many accessories (lmao)!

     Freakin' obsessed with this little top too.   A sexy open back moment~   You know I had to have a little fun snapping pics.

     I didn't even bother to edit out my patch (lmao).  I think it adds rawness to the look, no?  ( `ε´ )  Trashy 2000's vibes~

     Not my best work, but I think it's okay.  I don't do lens-less looks often, but I didn't immediately hate this look so, yay?  My biggest tiff with this makeup look are my upper eyelashes.  One kept being wonky and faced downward.  I think I was using Diamond Lash "Glamorous eye"; they were being very difficult that day (lol).

anyway, onto closeups and more selfies~

I really said :  ðŸ‘️👄👁️
I've regressed in makeup skill orz
     Well Cuties, that's all I have for you~  How would you rate this look?  Hot or . . . hot (≖ ͜ʖ≖)~  Meanwhile, I'll be playing my gameboy (lol). 

See you next post!
xoxo, Amiman

Monday, September 13, 2021

Reflections 🌀 (plus coords & make)

     I guess it's time to play catch-up, yes?  So what have I been up to?  Running and trying to survive I guess.  At the end of August Louisiana was hit by a pretty strong hurricane.  It just so happened to fall on the 16th anniversary of hurricane Katrina, so it caused a lot of anxiety for my family and friends.  My family and I evacuated to escape any possible dangers.  We stayed in Shreveport for a week before coming back.  So I didn't do much out there but stay indoors and listen to news reporters saying my city could be out of power and water for weeks to come.

     Thankfully things are mostly back to normal.  We are back home now, power restored and I finally got internet / cable services this week.  Luckily none of my family or friends have been harmed.  Some had damage to their homes, but nothing too devastating.  We are very thankful; we couldn't help but imagine coming back to absolutely nothing like we did 16 years ago. 

     It's crazy to think three days before hurricane made landfall, I was out with my friend and boyfriend.  At my new favorite hibachi restaurant and shopping despite the torrential rain.  Sure we heard the news about something in the tropics brewing up, but a lot of people believed the storm would change course, or not be that strong by the time it got to us.  

     Finally tried out my new Dolly Wink eyelashes.  I rather like them!  They're on the subtle side, but I like the spikey style.  Also tried a new hairstyle this day.  Obsessed (lol) I even did the same hairstyle for work too.  
     It wasn't until after going out did I realize this looks so much like my actual high school uniform (lmao).  I wish I were this cute back then.  But anyway, my friend and I bought SO much stuff at the mall.  And hibachi was deeelicious.  I was so nervous to catch shrimp being tossed at me, but I got it after two tries ( 〃▽〃).

     So flash forward to August 27th, my mom paced the floor all night and finally decided we would leave out in the morning.  Now my sister and I are panicked because, we never think about "what's important" until the moment comes when we have to flee.  I had major flashbacks to 2005, here I am once again, leaving everything I own with just 3 outfits to my name.  I hated the feeling.  The only image in my head the entire night was rooftops that barely peaked out water; the city engulfed with water.

     The drive took ages, majority of the city evacuated at the same time so traffic was a nightmare.  But eventually we made it safely to my grandmother's home.  As you can imagine my mother was glued to the televised news.  But I spent my time there trying to escape what was going on back at home.   My aunt brought me shopping for some clothes and necessities.  And y'all know I can't control myself (lol). 

     I found Juicy Couture loungewear!!!  Celeb gyaru / y2k boom is still going strong!  I almost screamed when I saw all the different sets.  (The second picture was taken when we came back home after the hurricane.)  Which set do you like more?~  I love the rhinestone set!

     We came back to New Orleans at a good time, that day our neighborhood had it's power restored.  So thank God we had air conditioning, because the heat was ruthless.  No food, but luckily one pizza place was open down the street, they had very limited supplies so we took what we could get.  At that time, not many establishments were open yet.  But day by day things got better (little by little).  And call me sappy but, that had been the longest time my boyfriend and I had been apart.  Despite the condition of the city, we had to see each other.


dress . . . Liz Lisa
cardigan . . . Liz Lisa
under skirt . . . Rue21
shoes . . . off brand
accessories . . . off brand & fashion nova

     Can I take a moment to thank my sweetheart Kieli for gifting me with this gorgeous dress!!!  I can't say thank you enough for everything. (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃ ♥

     As I mentioned, the time apart had me near tears (I don't know how long distance couples do it!).  So I was all smiles when we united.  Finding somewhere to eat was challenging, but we ventured downtown to find one of our new faves were open.  (Bless you VietOrleans.) 

     You might be able to tell but, the place was empty besides us and the staff.  We walked around while downtown just to see how things were.  Again not much was open, but I was just happy to be together.  The city was still under a curfew so we didn't say out long, but I still had a lovely day.  

     I don't wish to worry anyone with this post.  Again, all is well with me.  However I do hope things get better for others both in my city and the cities surrounding us.  Some people have lost everything.  Hoping for better times . . . everyone, let's stay safe ok?

xoxo, Amiman ♥
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