Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Friends on the Other Side 👻 (Behind My Galloween Look)

 Hello Little Monsters~

     Today I want to talk more about my look from Papillon's Halloween Lookbook!  (And share snaps of my photoshoot all the while.)  I put a lot of thought into it.  I even had to do a little research!  Since I selected "spooky" as my theme, I pondered long and hard about something cool yet unique.  I figured introducing Voodoo / Vodou "culture would be pretty interesting and different.

     A conventional figure would be Dr. Facilier from Disney's "Princess and the Frog".  Essentially he was a mediator between the living and the spirits.  I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I've always been fascinated with such; the idea of spiritual activity.  And the thought of individuals capable of experiencing that or communicating with them intrigues me.

(s)he's got friends on the other side ~

- Visual Concept -

     I wanted to stand out, I knew that much.  But I also wanted to keep the look to something I could manage to do on my own and shoot outdoors (in the smoldering heat).  I kept referring to images associated with "witch doctors" and "voodoo queens".  Both appearances were appealing to me so I tried to meet somewhere in the middle.  Then came the research.

     I knew I wanted to explain a bit of this on my blog, so I'll try my best to sum things up.  Here are some key things to know.  There's Louisiana Voodoo, and then there's Haitian Vodou.  Both are spiritual practices, they differ in the practitioners' beliefs.  Sometimes black magic is involved (Vodou).  They may practice in healing.  There's the belief in warding off evil or projecting it on enemies.  A person who practices either is like an intermediary, meaning they link the human world with the spirits.  They serve and worship the spirits.  These "spiritual beings" are believed to have personal likes of songs, dances, or rituals that the practitioners will produce.  There's a lot more to it, but I hope this all makes sense.

     I don't want to make this post TOO text heavy, so please enjoy the rest of my photoshoot!

I thought this angle / lighting was cool at the time (^ ^ ;
Day 2 of shooting!! ↓

Let's get into Details ~

Outfit Rundown
sheer top - ambiance apparel
tank top - ambiance apparel
skirt - poplooks
socks - off brand (amazon)
shoes - H&M
skull belt - hottopic
garter - taobao
hat - forum novelties
staff - off brand (ebay)
collar - forever21
skull necklace - off brand

     Hope you enjoyed this blog post and my photos!  Not sure if it's noticeable but it was a pretty stressful shoot.  Up until the release, I wasn't too happy with myself.  But I was proud of myself for attempting it, for piecing it all together in the end.  And I appreciate the positive feedback that I've gotten so far on this look.  It definitely boosted my confidence, and got me to see I had nothing to worry about.  (BUT boyyy did the rest of the Papillon team bring it!  They did phenomenal!  I couldn't dream of achieving those OTT looks, props to everyone!)

Thank you for reading.
~ Love you x Amiman ~

Saturday, October 10, 2020

They're Heeere~ [Papillon Halloween Lookbook] 👻


Hello Cuties

     Long time, no post!  I've been rather busy with work and quite honestly haven't been inspired to do much.  Leave it to "spooky season" to finally bring me back.  I finally have something to talk about!  Papillon's second lookbook has been released!!!

     Packed full of goodies and treats, this Halloween lookbook covers every possible costume theme in 86 pages.  I speak for myself when I say, working on this project was tough.  But I can imagine others share the same feeling.  Hearing about the Halloween lookbook jolted me with excitement.  We were asked to prepare looks based on 3 different categories:  cute, sexy, or spooky.  And I already couldn't wait to see what everyone was working on!

The Wait is Now Over!

Click Here 

     If you haven't already checked this masterpiece out, head there now!  You'll be so inspired to create the perfect Halloween costume~  (Plus I don't wish to spoil anything for anyone.)

     Per usual, I want to share my favorite spreads in this lookbook!  And I'll post about my look separately.

     Still not over this mock movie poster!  All of them were super clever and made the perfect teasers for the magazine.

     Miss Yaya slayed me with this look!  I adore the rhinestones under the eyes.  Definitely going on my list of "looks to try".

My jaw?  On the floor.  Period.

     I loved this bit of the magazine.  You don't want to mess with this girl gang!  My girl Kieli's the muscle~  Q(`⌒´Q  Give 'em the boot, girl!

     Giving me Bratz vibes~  Shin never misses!  At this point I need a closet tour!!

     Our precious Nene ♥.  She mentioned choosing a cutesy theme would be really different for her.  But she nailed it!!

     Cherrybomb never fails to amaze me!  Making a scene and looking good while doing it~.

     If you've already read through Papillon's newest lookbook, who served your favorite look?  Who's ensemble would you try to rock?  Tempted to try any of the makeup tutorials?

I sincerely hope everyone is doing alright.  Stay spooky~  Stay safe!

~ Love you x Amiman ~