Thursday, August 27, 2015

♡ Taobao shops & wishlist ♡

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With all this time (sort of) on my hands, I've been "window" shopping online and there's just so much that I want
but I'm supposed to be saving until I get a job and blah blah blah~
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First I'll name and link specific shops that have an overall good reputation for nice quality items!

*click the name to view store

Here's some of their items that I really like!

*click the link to view store

Everything about this shop is so cute omg! I'm sure you see their items all the time if you're on tumblr.  And their packaging is adorable too! The bag or box is pink and they give you packaged potpourri~~~ How fancy lol

fave items~
^ this one is out of stock tho : ( 

*click name to visit shop

there's so much cute stuff in this shop!

Now to random items on my taobao wishlist!
*I will provide links for these

♪ Bow Heels ♪
*comes in 4 colors

*two sizes

LED shoes


Tennis skirts
*what makes them special is the built-in safety shorts

♪ Blouses ♪

*also in blue

Plaid Dress
*this shop has a lot of agejo and himekaji pieces!

♪ Backpacks ♪

Ah~ How cute are these items
Seriously I want them alllll~
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