Friday, May 12, 2017

GC Day 3: best + worst experience w/ non-gyarus?

Hello Cuties!

Today marks day 3 of the Gyaru Challenge!
"What's your best and worst experience w/ non-gyarus?"
This topic's pretty interesting because it makes me think back on times I was out-and-about in my gyaru makeup and clothes.
Many people that are into Japanese fashion say that they notice 'the staring' when they're out in public.
But I can't say that I relate.  9 times out of 10, I'm not paying much attention until someone stops me or speaks to me
(;; ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )

It makes me so happy to receive compliments from people
of all ages and different styles!
Most of my interactions are pretty short: people on the street saying they love my style or people on tumblr saying the sweetest things~

Best Experience
The only experience that I've had that I can vividly remember to date is when my friend Maya approached me with the idea of doing a mini shoot.
She's an aspiring photographer and had expressed how much she wanted to capture my style on camera one day!
 photo mevans6_zpsjalnif1q.jpg
A lot of my friends and coworkers think the fact that I'm into Japanese fashion is really interesting and different.
I love seeing their reactions; it brings me so much joy~
 photo mevans5_zpsqp3801da.jpg
I remember feeling like I was racing against the clock to meet with Maya and Kelsey on time.  I thought I probably looked like a mess.  But their loving and extremely animated response to seeing me gave me so much confidence!
 photo IMG_5482_zpswraxr5yl.jpg

💔Worst Experience💔
I haven't had many bad experiences with non-gyaru people
but like most, those negative comments you get online or in person do stick with you.
And on those days where you're feeling really low, you think about them again.

But like I said, I haven't experienced anything extreme.
From what I can remember, an individual on tumblr commented under my picture that I was ugly and "trying to hard" or something of that nature.
 photo cagejo4_zps46e1658a.jpg
But that happens you know?  It didn't phase me too much and a lot of girls on tumblr had my back and defended me.
I still appreciate their kindness today~
₍ ′ ᵕ ‵  ₎♡

Besides that the only experience that has left a bit of an impression on me was one random morning on the way to university.  I was on my way to the bus and some random guy eyed me as he passed me and called me sleazy.  I do remember what i was wearing.
 photo 0115coord.png
Honestly I shouldn't have let it get to me, but I still think about it every once in a while because,
quite a lot of non-gyaru people already view Gyaru as "trashy" or "too provocative".
(At least that is what people used to think.  I'm not sure if people still view it that way now)
So it's only natural for me to sometimes second guess myself and wonder
"will the way I look make people think less of me?"

Both incidents were fairly a long time ago.
Ahh maybe I should've put worst experiences first so I wouldn't be ending the post on such a sour note? lol

Regardless, I hope you took something away from this post!
I hope to experience more in the future to share with you all.
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. That guy was so rude to make a public comment!! Whats the point in saying that other than to bring you down ugh >:( I think your outfit was really on-point! You should try doing more rokku sometime :D
    I think it all comes down to different style preferences and exposure. Jfashion can sometimes be loud and with a lot of prints, while some people might think its tacky, others may think it is totally fierce.
    To a certain extent, how you dress will affect how people think of you but i think that mostly applies to strangers~ if the person knows you for who you are, what you wear is a trivial thing :)

    1. Aww thank you! You're so kind~ Sometimes I really do get that urge to buy rokku style clothing ╰(◉á¾¥◉)╯ I would love to get into it again~
      And you're right, when it comes to my friends, they know me and my style so it's not a major thing. And you're right about the strangers thing too lol
      Thanks again for your encouraging words!

  2. Those negative people obviously didn't realize the goddess that you are. Never pay them any mind. You are amazing in everything you do. Keep being gal ♥


    1. (つ﹏<)・゚。 *happy tears* I say this a lot but I cherish and appreciate every encouraging word / comment!! ♥♥♥ You do the same! Brush off any negativity and keep being gal too ( ^3^)~
      - Amiman♥