Wednesday, May 17, 2017

GC Day 4: A picture of a memorable night!

Hello cuties!
Today marks day 4 of the Gyaru Challenge
A Picture of a Memorable Night
I honestly had to sit down and think about this one.
What's one of my most memorable nights?
Most of my nights are spent working or in my room lol
But I'm working on getting out more and
living a little

But if I were to answer this honestly, my most memorable night would have to be my 24th birthday!
lame, I know~ because you already read about it in my
"Golden Bday" post.
But it's still one of the best days I've had all year!
(so far)
I did a little self pampering and treated myself to getting my nails done.
My mom and I did a little shopping at the mall~
But the best part of my night happened when I purchased my very first car!
My baby~~~ lol I still love it so much!
Dinner was the cherry on top of a perfect day ♥
I got my family to try Japanese food lol
It was great and I still crack up thinking about everyone's faces when the waitress placed the plate of sushi and flames in front of my dad

But more than anything I remember how much love and wishes I received that day~
It was truly a magical day and I don't ever see myself forgetting a single detail of it

It'll be a hard night to surpass but the idea surely makes me eager to see how the future plays out~
Here's to making future memories!
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~

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