Sunday, May 24, 2020

What is Saike Gyaru? ☮🕊️

Hi Cuties~

     Boy do I have a treat for you!  I can finally post about that project I was working on.  Our beloved Kelsey started a tiktok series titled "What is Gyaru?".  Everyday she will post a video featuring a fellow gaijin gal / gyaru-o.  And each video will cover a substyle of Gyaru!

     It's a great idea because it's educational for those who are intrigued by the lifestyle.  This project does a great job of showcasing the variety in visual aesthetics as well as the diversity of people who are into Gyaru.

     My contribution to this project is Saike or Boho Gyaru!  If you're familiar with "boho", you know that means bohemian.  Saike is just another term for that style.  Saike gyaru = psyche gal, or psychedelic gal.  If you aren't too familiar with those terms, the style is comparable to the "hippie" look.  

     I made a few bullet points for those key factors of what makes Saike gyaru.

  • Boho gyaru has it's many sides:  earthy, romantic, edgy
  • The "flower child" style
  • Style consists of :  flowy attire, headbands, scarves, crochet ponchos, fringe boots, paisley and floral prints
  • Boho gyaru sometimes has a western twist 🤠

☆ hat - amazon    ☆ vest - rue21    ☆ dress - xhilaration    ☆ scarf - eBay

     This is what I wore for my tiktok video!  I went for more of the romantic vibe.  Easiest way to achieve this style is to layer.  Sadly my scarf is hiding my other layer (lmao).  I also did a quick, but vibrant makeup look.

Now you can see my accessories properly~  ☆*

     Ooowee I love me a good 10-gallon hat!  I don't know about y'all but I adore the fact that there can be a western twist to multiple gyaru substyles.  The hat is just the cherry on top!


     Totally in love with my makeup for this day!  I decided to break out my new Sugarpill lashes and I'm obsessed!  I paired them with my Diamond Lash charming eye bottom lashes.  Another shout out to Kelsey for recommending Sugarpill's tako eyeshadow for my nose stripe, because it looks great!!

     In preparation for this blogpost, I did another saike gyaru look.  This time channeling the earthy vibes.  These photos may look familiar to you~  You'll realize why I didn't show much of the outfit a few posts ago.

☆ headband - thrifted  ☆ vest - rue21  ☆ top - no boundaries  ☆ jeans - fashionnova  ☆ foxtail - amazon  ☆ scarf - ny&co

     This is actually the same crochet vest I'm wearing in the first coordinate!  I love how bohemian gyaru can be worn so many different ways.  For the "earthy" vibe, I chose less flashy accessories, more neutral tones.  I also wanted to make a point of jeans can be worn in gyaru, extra points if their flared like mine.

I'm sure you recall the makeup from my "Everyday Gyaru Makeup" post. 

     I'm really happy with both of these looks!  I don't think I've ever mentioned it on my blog but this is very much "my style".  Outside of gyaru, I'm known to be that "hippie-dippy" flower child.  I've been called that a lot (lol).  But anywho, if you'd like to see what inspired me for both of these coordinates, I will be posting that next!  ♥ 

~ Love you x Amiman ~


    So that's what you were getting all the stuff for!!! You look amazing! I miss this style!!!! I am loving these looks!!!! Especially with the flowers in your hair <3

    1. Tehe~ Yes this is what I was planning~~ I'm really satisfied with how both looks turned out! Plus now I have an awesome new hat (^o-)! ps. thank you Kieli ♥ you keep me going girl!
      - Amiman♥