Friday, August 28, 2015

ヾ☆*。Coordinate Inspo。*☆

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Whenever I'm not sure of what to post about, I figure an inspiration post is always helpful lol
(ヾ; ̄▽ ̄)ヾ
Plus since I spend so much time on tumblr, I see a lot of coordinate, hair and makeup inspo so why not share it!  I try my best to stick to posting coordinates that seem easy to recreate on your own with items you may already have .  (For some of the pics I will say what I think are the key points to making the outfit !)

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this post will consist of mostly " warm " outfits since it's still hot where I live.
I tried separating them into substyles so some of them I'm not sure what style they fit into
forgive_:(´□`」 ∠):_me

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☆ Amekaji ☆
*point: crop top or graphic tee with overalls

 photo amekaji - street fashion_zpsqhf46xn1.png
*point: over sized sweater/pullover and colorful accessories

☆ Himekaji ☆
 photo himekaji tumblr_mbyrmaJMu71r4sm0ro1_1280_zpsqfu4ocsa.jpg
*point: peter pan collar dress and ruffle socks

 photo himekaji_zpsllmrqb3f.png
*point: ruffle/tuxedo blouse

 photo himekajigroupfloral_zpsgek0glwm.png
*point: plaid or floral dress and wedge heels

 photo himekaji-lizlisa shopstaff_zpsfftqioiz.png
*point: floral pants with cinched-waist blouse or lacy blouse
I found this different since most looks don't include pants

 photo himekaji-ll2c_zpsvhdow0hr.png
 photo notsure_zpsgzbe9s2k.png

☆ Kuro ☆
 photo kuro tumblr_m2uwr9iRaP1qi1r0xo1_500_zpsjwigpnap.jpg

*point: " front-tie " crop tops, bliiiing, and western hat
I feel like the hats are only a summer thing but then again it could just be that no one wears them anymore (cries because this is a trend that I miss)

*point: distressed jeans, bling belt, open back top/tube top/halter

usually I'd have a lot of kuro coords but I didn't want to have repeat pics from previous posts~

☆ Larme Kei ☆
I've recently gotten into larme kei ! It's just so fluffy(?) soft looking and pastel~  Larme kei is named after the brand Larme and the way their shop models dress.  If I'm not mistaken, Swankiss brand fits into this style too
 photo larme kei IMG_5852_zpsfoqy3cwr.jpg
*point: high waist jeans, platforms, off the shoulder top

 photo larme kei swankiss kei_zpsbcmxl35b.png
*point: gingham top, wedge heels

 photo larme kei tumblr_n3lewxwa8C1ro5bwro3_500_zpsewyps3mr.jpg

*point: creams & soft pink colors, flower crown, platforms

☆ Rokku / goshikku (?) ☆
 photo rokku-goshikku_zpsdvaahpms.png

For the rest of these, I'm not sure what style they fit into
 photo onee emoda tumblr_n3iij95V1f1ro5bwro1_500_zpsdzf8j1ll.png photo onee tumblr_mzg98m4FDD1ro5bwro4_500_zpsvjjagrpl.jpg
 photo street fashion tumblr_n3lewxwa8C1ro5bwro1_500_zps0lossdvz.jpg
 photo not sure tumblr_n6retdQrij1qfke3xo1_1280_zpsivuixlyf.png
 photo not suretumblr_nn9s10Pm6x1u0nb60o6_400_zps5gqtllxg.jpg
 photo not sure -street fashion_zpsjjqgflyz.png
 photo not sure tumblr_nn9s10Pm6x1u0nb60o5_400_zpsvcj0wlpd.jpg

I feel like this post will be too long if I include hair and makeup
so I will make a separate post right after this one!
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