Sunday, August 6, 2017

GC Day 11: If I could have any dress for free?👀

Hello Cuties! Yet another entry to the
30 day Gyaru challenge~
If you could have any dress for free,
what would it be?

Aaaaahh what if I can't pick just ONE?!
If I could have any dress free, I would pick:
Liz Lisa My Melody Collaboration 10
vol .1 in pink!

Or vol .2 in white!
(I think. . . it's a hard choice between pink and white
I don't see how you gals do it!)
(pics from: emiichan's blog x)
I mean look at these gorgeous dresses (๑♡⌓♡๑)
The collar, along with the chest panel details, are what made me fall for this dress~  The pink trim around the collar and the cute little bows at the pointed ends are sooo precious.  And you know bottom lace trim is a plus for me!
Hear me out on this one, it may appear a little "costumey" to some people, but it's such a lovely design.  It's 'different' to me, as in different from most Liz Lisa dresses I've seen.  The ruffled chest and collar to match is already adorable.  But to top it off, tiny bows instead of buttons? (I'm crying it's so cute)  But my favorite part of this dress is the bottom.  It splits apart to show layers of tulle (?) which reminds me a little of 17th / 18th century (?) dresses.  Also, any Liz Lisa dress with floral print included is #1 in my book!
If I absolutely had to pick just one dress,
I would pick the white version of the
Liz x Melo 10th collab from vol . 2
I hope that one day I get to call one of these dresses mine♥
(still working up to that dream closet!)
See you next post~
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. I think you would look super adorable in vol2 <3 I actually wasn't a big fan of these cause it reminds me too much of Lolita. At least the first one does. The second one is definitely more like old school hime gyaru so I do like that one best. Omg if you find some place that has it let me know! I will get one and we could twin!

    1. Yes, YES!! I would love to twin with you ♥! You know, I never even thought about vol.1 having lolita vibes
      (*゚ロ゚) and vol.2 totally has that old himegyaru look~ We'd look like princesses in it too ^^
      - Amiman♥