Monday, July 6, 2020

10 Weeks of Gyaru Blogging: Style Switch🌺

Hello Cuties~

     We have reached the end of this 10 week blogging challenge with today's entry.  I'm glad I joined in on the fun with all the gals!  The last challenge is to do a style you don't usually go for.  I chose Amekaji!

     Amekaji, the colorful and usually bright sub-style known as American casual style.  It's a style that I admire but was never successful with my very few attempts.  I've tried twice before and really disliked the outcome, but this time I think I've got it!

top - American Eagle  overalls - American Rag 
 plaid - Weatherproof Vintage  boots - Rue21
accessories - amazon / forever21 / h&m

     To me, Amekaji is synonymous with lively and "child-like".  It exudes joyous vibes that are quite contagious!  I found myself smiling more than usual that day.  (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

point → hair accessories 

     Most of the color in my coordinate is from my accessories (lol).  I used a red scrunchy on one side, and a pink scrunchy on the other, as well as pink butterfly hair clips (but the light washes it out huhu).

     I wish I had better earrings, but for this look I chose my heart shaped hoops!  Kieli mentioned she'll be adding some really cute star shaped earrings to her shop, Bunny Crafty Dream, very soon!  I'm totally grabbing a pair~

     Well not really new, but this is my first time wearing these suckers since I made them centuries ago (lol).  

     As I mentioned before, I'm really satisfied with how this turned out!  I was almost sad I didn't get to show off my outfit.  But just as I finished up taking these photos, Prince made a surprise visit and he was shocked by my new look!  He said it suits me which is funny since I rarely do Amekaji (lol).  But that made me so happy~  

     And just like that, 10 weeks of Gyaru blogging comes to a close.  Thanks Lea for such a fun challenge~  I also have one last entry for Lizzie's 30 Day Gyaru challenge!  Challenges are pretty fun to do.  It's always nice to switch things up or try something new; like switching up your usual style!  I hope you guys enjoyed this post and look.

~ Love you x Amiman ~


    Surprisingly Amekaji is difficult if you don't have the right pieces and I found that out the hard way xD But you got it perfect!
    And you know you can always hit me up if there's something you want in particular! Just let me know what color you want the earrings in <3

    1. (。T ω T。) *CRIES A RIVER* <3 And omg exactly!! I realized how hard it was years ago during my first attempt; it didn't look right at all lmaooo. But thank you so much! I really want to try more amekaji in the future.

      *AH for sure! I'm going to message you about the earrings!!!
      - Amiman♥