Thursday, July 9, 2020

My Regular Makeup🎀

Hello my Cuties~

     I felt bad jumping right into another blogging challenge, but I couldn't help myself!!  I'm SO excited for the upcoming posts!

     Our lovely Reila has created her own makeup challenge!

     This first entry will be a joint one with the final entry to Lea's 10 weeks of Gyaru Blogging.  I did my typical gyaru makeup for my Amekaji look.  (@^◡^)☆

Let's take a closer look!

      I thought it would be really cool to actually breakdown my makeup routine in a sense.  I mapped out the key points in the photo above.

  • spaced out lower lash pieces (wearing Diamond Lash Charming eye)
  • inner eye point:  I drag my eyeliner down and create a triangular shape here.
  • under eye shimmer: typically a shimmery or glittery gold eyeshadow
  • eyeliner under iris:  I like to concentrate the black eyeliner on my waterline only under my iris.  If I choose to, I might place a nude eyeliner on the other parts of my waterline.
  • dark eyeshadow:  usually black or dark brown eyeshadow or cream eyeliner to help create my desired eye-shape.  I also use it as a guide for my lower lashes.

     As for the rest, my day to day gyaru makeup consists of gold and brown eyeshadow.  I prefer the shimmery look versus matte!  My favorite upper lash style is spiky for sure!  Here I'm wearing Toyoepin #7726.

     What do you think of my makeup routine?  Is your usual gyaru makeup similar or very different?

~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. You are just too precious. My heart <3
    I always loved the spaced out lower lashes but I'm a mess so I know I would lose some of the pieces xD

    1. Thank youuuu~~~ .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・.
      ps. I lose them often xD don't feel bad! That's why I love Diamond Lash for giving you like 6 pairs lol
      - Amiman♥

  2. Omggg thank you so much for joining us! 😍💖
    You look so cute I could die. Can't wait to check your following weeks.

    1. Thank YOU for making such a fun challenge! I love these themes!!! And I'm just as excited for the upcoming entries
      - Amiman♥