Sunday, June 28, 2020

10 Weeks of Gyaru Blogging: Get to know Bambi🌺

Hello Cuties~

     I'm delighted to share this entry with you all!  This week is dedicated to interviewing fellow gaijin gyaru!  Today you will get to know the bold and beautiful Bambi~ 

1.  I feel like names are very important.  I love hearing their purpose or why the wearer likes it.  I also feel it's really hard to find that perfect name to match your own aesthetic.  What name do you prefer to go by?  How or why did you choose it?

     BAMBI!!!  (Lol) I just thought it was a really cute name honestly.  Bambi also happens to be one of my favorite Disney characters as well!

2.  You've probably been asked many times but, when did you first get into Gyaru?  How were you introduced to Japanese fashion?

     I was introduced to Japanese fashion when I was listening to visual kei music, from there I found decora and lolita fashion.  It was so thrilling to me that people wore such elaborate clothing!  I've known of gyaru since 2009 but I didn't seriously wear it until 2014 / 2015!

3.  Has your style changed much since you've started?

     Omg yes!  I use to really want to be Rokku Gyaru!  But I've definitely moved on to more Tsuyome and Manba looks!

4.  Is there a substyle you wish to try?

     I really really want to try Hime gyaru!  It's such a rare substyle to see nowadays.  The big hair and all that pink goodness makes my heart so happy!

5.  Alright battle of the mags, what's your all time favorite Gyaru magazine?

     Is there really any competition?  EGG all the wayyyy!!!

6.  Where do you get inspiration for your coordinates and makeup? ( ☆∀☆ )  Is there a model that inspires you lately?

     The members of my circle!!  They all dress so well!  I honestly wear whatever I like, the more extra the better.  I don't really have a model that inspires me but I am definitely inspired by gals like Watsucho and Ayuyun from Bdia.

7.  Do you have any fun / funny stories about your experiences going out and about in Gal?  What about with your Gyarusa 109 Degrees?

     I don't know if it's just me but whenever I'm outside in gal I get hit on more than before, it happens even in manba!  There was this one time 109 was hosting a para para event and I had on really long nails.  I'm mad clumsy so I was moving too fast and smacked one of my members, that nail went flying!

8.  I love the name 109 Degrees by the way!  What is it like being in a Gal Circle?  I've always wanted to join one.  I'd watch gal meet videos and sob because I couldn't travel and no one lived near me (lol). ┐(‘~` ;)┌

     OMG come join 109!!  It's so much more fun to have others dressed like you.  You can hang out and give each other advice.  The joy of 109 is that most of us were friends before gal.  I can lean on them in tough times, they make me laugh and I know they have my back!  Plus we are the hottest on the east coast it doesn't get better than this!

9.  I feel like representation is major, even more so now but it's always been of importance to me.  Having representation, seeing other Black people within the Gal community was encouraging to me when I was new to Gyaru.  I believe a lot of new Gals will look up to you.  That being said, do you have any advice you'd like to leave for them?

     Be unapologetically you.  Especially as a black gal and even more so as a plus size black gal!  This is a poc fashion at its core, and you deserve to be here just like anyone else.  Be confident, have fun and ignore the haters!  Don't be afraid to try something that hasn't been done before.  You might just inspire someone else.

     I'm so glad I put my nerves aside and reached out to Bambi, she's a joy to talk to!  Bambi is someone I admire and for some time now I've wanted to get to know her.  I hope you all enjoyed getting to know her as well!  Hopefully one day I can actually meet Bambi along with 109 Degrees in person!!

Until the next post!
~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. They're amazing, gotta give it to them!! Super gal!

  2. ommmggggg I loved this!!! Yessss joooooooiiiiiinnnnnnn <3 <3 <3