Saturday, April 18, 2020

甘い Agejo ♡

Hello Cuties~

     I got all dolled up for tiktok again!  T'was an easy and simple look makeup wise. I haven't worn my MA*RS set in a long time so I thought "why not".

     Initially this was going to be my usual "coordinate post".  But something inspired me for today's post.

     Lately in the Gyaru discord there's a lot of Gyaru history talk and I couldn't help but think to read just a bit while trying to see if sweet Agejo was a thing (lol).  I kind of came up blank as far as the literal term I used.  But Agejo is basically known as a "sexy & cute" style.  So having a "sweet" aspect to your look is sort of implied, yes?

     So what do we know about Agejo?  Just about every website or blog I visited defined it as a style that is "very glamorous and feminine, influenced by expressing a high level of sex appeal through the style and attitude" (Agejo).  We also know that the style is typically associated with hostesses or キャバ嬢 (kyabajo).  These cabaret gals entertain and service guests in bars, and look fabulous while doing so!

     How do I get the look?  Common traits are ruffles, lace, bows, garters, mini skirts and dresses, and black, pink and white clothing.  And while these are common, they aren't 100% necessary to create an Agejo look.  I've seen gals in what appears to be pinstripe skirt suits; and with the right accessories, shoes, makeup and hair, it's the sassy and glamorous style we all love.

     "Whilst Agejo is quite a revealing style at times, it remains very classy" (Agejo).  It's good to keep in mind that Agejo isn't necessarily risqué.  Although it can be . . . depending on your personal preference.
( shout out to ma girl Izumi Mana~ lol)

     I mean I know Izumi's . . . environment demands a sexier appearance, but are you going to say this isn't Agejo?  Sure a little mixed with her usual tsuyome style but I think it's that sexier side of Agejo :  revealing yet classy.  Ok, I'm beginning to ramble but you get it.  This style has different sides to it.  It can be classy and mature, it can be cute and sassy, or sexy and glamorous!

     Overall you can say today's look is just an Agejo look, through and through.  However maybe it's the demeanor?  The vibes are sweet, no?

     Also I see this as relating more to Himena Ousaki.  Numerous times you've seen Himena sporting MA*RS, but something about her style and execution still hints at 姫 / princess style.

     So that's what I mean about sweet Agejo.  I felt like "hime agejo" was too heavy a term for my look.  I definitely don't qualify for the Himegyaru aesthetic.  If "Hime Agejo" were a term, this is what comes to mind :

     Honestly that's the perfect way to describe Himena's style.  She owns being a sexy, glamorous princess!

     My makeup was a tiny nod at Himena as well!  Nowhere near as dramatic as her eyemake but the pink lenses and full top lashes are on brand (lol).

(unless ~ 👀)

     But anywho, this look turned out a lot more cohesive than I anticipated (lol).  And I'm happy with that!  I just wanted to look decent for my tiktok d(°∀°d) !  Speaking of, here it is!

@hellolizziebee Full house: Gyaru edition (part 2) ! 💕 @playboyreita @pegsucos @kuroyaya @reilaless @ami.iman @koko_gal ##gyaru ##fullhouse
♬ original sound - sirfishwad

     Follow us all on tiktok!  I have a personal account as well @ami.iman!  I hope this wasn't too long of a post, big thanks to all who give it a read!  Correct me if anything is misinterpreted.  See you next post

~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. That's a really interesting post!
    I had a phase where I REALLY liked agejo and even bought a few ma*rs pieces, But never could make it "me" (cause of many reasons), But still even though it's not "me" it's really interesting to read about it and to see other gals rocking it like you!<3
    I went through Himena's blog through and through back then and she for sure has a very princessy style! especially with her PuriMelo brand! I love herT_T and your Himena inspired makeup turned out so cute!!
    So as I already told you the bob hair style suites you soooooooooooo muuuch<3333 You look adorable!!

    1. Ooooh I really want to read Himena's blog now!! For sure that's what I'm going to start doing~ Her style is so cute! I would looove to see your agejo phase though!

      And thank you so much (♥3♥)~ I rarely do bob hair style I'm so used to long wigs lol Same for the pink lenses, never tried it before but I love how it looked with the makeup! I'm so happy with how this all turned out! Ps. Thank you for reading my blog!!! It means the world to me!
      - Amiman♥

  2. If there is a Hime Agejo it would be Shiena hahaha <3
    You look so cute and this post is so cute! It's so much fun wondering about the styles and what makes them what they are!

    1. Oh My GOD you're right!!! How did I not piece that together?? lol they both own that style now 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。.

      And I know right, I think breaking down the influence and aspects behind a style like amekaji would be REALLY cool too! If i can find enough about that style, maybe I'll do a post on that too :o
      - Amiman♥

    2. hahahah, yasss

      yeah, that'd be super cool!
      One thing I became kinda interested in recently is roma gyaru... more because it confuses me! Like, any style could have roma aspects to it so it being considered it's own style feels complicated to me, but that's maybe diverting hahahah

  3. Omg you are too precious for words! Yessss all these names I miss seeing ;o; But I love your take on it! I am def a fan of the more tsuyome version of it xD
    I would love to see more of this style on you too<3

    1. Ehuuhuu~ (¬‿¬ )♡ LOL idk if I've ever said so on this blog but, back in the day, tan Izumi was goals!! lol I loved her outfits like the ones I posted above~
      And aww thank you!! <3 I really want more ma*rs stuff or if I could get my hands on a gold's infinity dress that would be awesome!!
      - Amiman♥