Friday, April 24, 2020

Homemade Purikura!。゚・⌒☆

Hello Cuties~

     I hope you guys are in a creative mood because today it's all about Purikura!  I found out some of my friends from work read my blog so, I'll briefly talk about Purikura.  (@^◡^)

     Purikura (プリクラ) is just a sticker photo booth in plain terms.  But it's so fun~  Same concept of the abandoned photo booths you might see in malls.  But in Japan they're super cute with tons of customization choices!  The print out is a sticker and you can download a digital version to your phone.  The most noticeable difference in their photo booths are the eye enlargement feature 👀 (lol). 

     I love these kinds of posts!  Something to get you in the mood to create fun things whether it's using physical material or digital.  I used to watch a lot of youtube videos back in the day about "kawaii apps" or photo editing apps.  I'd download them all!  (who remembers cocoppa?!)  So today I'm going to share how I create my own Purikura using my cellphone!

     Here are all of my photo editing apps~  For purikura I usually use Meitu and PicsArt.

     In Meitu, we're going to select "photo editing".  After picking a photo, scroll the menu at the bottom and click "mosaic".  There are tons of choices!

     Once you've chosen a mosaic background, you can control the pen size by the circles below your picture.  You can easily erase mistakes or just hit the undo button.  It undoes the last stroke.  

Get in those nooks and crannies girl! (lol)

* tadaaa~

     You can even double up with mosaic filters!  Which is what I did but this time only to my boots~ (lol).  I've done mosaic with my fingers before, but I tend to use a stylus for that neat look.

* ooo la la~

     Now we get to use "magic brush"!  There's plenty to choose from just like the backgrounds in mosaic.  You can adjust the size of the brush at the bottom.  There's no limit to how many you use either, so just have fun!  I used the white feathers, sparkles, paintbrush, and the sparklers brush.

     Make sure you save your masterpiece~  Now we'll open said picture in PicsArt!

     I like to use this app because it has a library of stickers that you can search!  The app can do so much more but it's the main thing I use it for.

     Like I said, toons of things you can use this app for, but let's scroll over to "sticker"!  Best part is there's a search bar so you can look for anything your heart desires.  This Gal loves her bling so I searched diamond.

     There's no limit to how many stickers you can add here either!! I ended up adding some butterflies too~  Pro-tip:  if you find a sticker you LOVE but you wish it were in another color?  No problem!  Just adjust the sticker after selecting it!  You can change the overall hue of the sticker or even change one aspect of the sticker.

Now that you're done with your creation, let's see that bad boi!

So what do you think ~?

     That was actually quite fun to make (lol)!  I hope reading this was just as entertaining.  If you use any of these apps I'd love to see your homemade Purikura!  Tag me in the caption on instagram~

~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. This is too cute! Thank you for the quick tutorial too!