Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Proud to be a Papillon Gal ♥

Hello Cuties!

     I am ecstatic over the launch of Papillon!  Finally the public gets a first look at the new magazine!

     I do apologize for posting so late about Papillon.  I was stoked believe me, and then my laptop's battery decided to croak on me so I had to order a spare battery.  Then I fell ill and was too exhausted to be productive.  But nevertheless, my laptop is back up and running and I'm getting better!  So now I get to gush about this amazing magazine and all the fantastic models and supporters!

     You may have read my blurb from instagram when I posted about Papillon's release.  I wanted to reiterate some of the things I talked about on instagram.  Being a part of this project means the world to me.  I'm very proud of myself for somehow falling into the footsteps of the gaijin gals before me.

     I feel as though some might find it odd that I keep making a point about being a Black gal, but it really carries significance.  As I said before, exploring the world of Gyaru, it wasn't commonplace to see black girls.  Not solely in Gyaru, but in Japanese fashion / kawaii culture, period.  So after some time when girls that looked like me did surface in the gaijin gyaru community, it gave me that push I needed.  It proved to me that I could do this, I can be accepted.  Having that representation is crucial for some.  I can't speak for all, but if I hadn't seen those girls, I probably wouldn't be where I am today.  I wouldn't have had the courage to put myself out there.  I'd still be cooped up in my tiny room doing my makeup for hours only to remove it after taking photos because I was too afraid to let anyone else see me.

     My point is I'm ecstatic to possibly become someone's inspiration.  To think of young black girls, and girls all around the world seeing my pictures, videos and blog, and it becoming the push they need is exciting to me!  

     Seeing Papillon come to life was an emotional and astonishing experience for me, so I can only imagine how Darla and her fellow creators felt!  This new generation of gaijin guys and gals are so creative and put a ton of hard work into making this happen.  I was thrilled to see a new gaijin magazine being born.  But to become a part of it really impacted seeing the outcome of Papillon.

     I keep fawning over the pages of gorgeous models (and memes, don't forget the memes).  Getting to see everyone's different styles displayed was neat and gave me plenty of inspiration for my future looks too!  
     These were my absolute favorite pages!!  I mean the whole magazine is perfection but omg, talk about an attention grabber! Σ(꒪ȏ꒪)  These coordinates gave me some ideas of how to use my clothing different.  
     I'm serious when I say I loved so much about this magazine.  The work put into designing these pages left me speechless.  The prominent nod at Ageha magazine was executed wonderfully~  Especially when it came to the tutorials!
     It's like they were straight from the magazine we all know and love!   Details down to the T!  I'm sure we all really appreciate the "lens snap" too.  I can only hope that maybe one day I will be featured in a makeup tutorial spread.  人´∀`)
     Not to be forgotten, my other favorite spread:  Baby Gals!
ミ☆( *uωu人)+゚.   I couldn't help but be so eager to see our section!  I was giddy to see us finally come together on the page.
      Honestly I almost cried seeing myself there.  It's the first time, in a long time, that I've felt so positively about myself.  I was happy, I was proud of my hard work.  And not meaning just towards my looks for the magazine, but rather all my hard work since I started this Gyaru journey.
      I know Ageha was the biggest inspiration to Papillon (and these coordinate snaps appear in many Japanese fashion magazines), but I've always fantasized about seeing myself in the "Street Groove" spread in EGG.  And this fulfilled that desire of mine.
     I don't think I'll ever shake this dream-like state I'm in, and I want to thank the Papillon Gals for that.  I hope to become closer to everyone that is a part of this project.  Shin and Gretchen did amazing!  I love both of their styles and the drive behind them.  I want to showcase how Gyaru is achievable through non-brand items in the next issue as they did.  I realized that I used to push that point very often in the past.  It will also give me the opportunity to take up crafting and up-cycling clothing again!
     One last topic I've been itching to talk about is the Black Diamond interview!  How many of you were floored by the news of this interview?  I was totally shocked, and I couldn't wait to read what they had to say.  Firstly I want to say that I greatly appreciate Lea for doing this and for the questions she got to ask -from 2000.  They spoke about things I've frequently wondered how Japanese Gyaru felt about. 

     Like many gaijin gals, I've always pondered what do the Gals in Japan think about this opinion of "Gyaru is Dead"?  I found what Aochan had to say enlightening.
      We've heard it said before, Gyaru isn't dead.  Sure it's different from what we remember and first stumbled upon, but things change.  Fashion is forever changing.  And sometimes that even means things of the past returning, maybe not in the exact same way, but in a sort of tribute.  Which is basically the reason behind -from 2000's concept.
     What I loved the most about this interview was the personalities coming alive on the pages.  I mentioned it on instagram, but most of us have gathered an idea of what these Gals are like solely from images we see.  It was nice to learn what they're really like.  I already adored Aochan, but I've grown to respect her ever more.

     Another burning question I've had for Gals of Japan is: what does Gyaru mean?  Again, my girl Aochan had my favorite answer.
     I don't know if it's something that I just needed to hear, but her response really struck me.  She's right, if we all do the same thing and follow this "idea" of what a Gal should look like, then it contradicts what we stand for.  A big reminder to myself that I don't have to strive to look exactly like everybody else.  And it still surprised me that some Gals have told me they love my style.  Call me silly but I hadn't realized that I had adapted a style of my own.  We all admire many people, and sometimes you can't help but think you're just a mashup of other people's techniques.

•  •  •
     Lastly, I know we've all questioned what Japanese Gyaru think of Gaijin Gyaru.  Up until now, I really didn't anticipate them acknowledging us.  What really surprised me was finding out they in fact wish to interact with us more.
     Black Diamond were very sweet when speaking about Gaijin Gyaru.  I long for a time where it'll be easy to just hang around with each other and speak to each other with ease.  I do think that this interview was a step in the right direction towards joining forces.  
     What I've learned from the first issue of Papillon is "we have to work hard so that Gyaru doesn't get forgotten".  A mantra that I will be repeating for years to come.   What were your favorite parts of Papillon Vol. 1?  What do you hope to see in the next issue?  Even if you have ideas for me for future volumes, please let me know what you think in the comments below!
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. ahhhhhhhhhh
    Your post is so amazing and detailed and omg I love everything about this!!!! I'm so happy Papillon brought you this much joy and has helped you feel welcomed in the community <3

    1. Papillon is love!! `(♥v♥ )/ I'm happy I worked through all of those moments of thinking I wasn't good enough. It warms my heart to know you read and enjoyed my post~~~ Thank you so much!!!
      - Amiman♥

  2. I am just so ridiculously proud of you! You are one of my favorite gals and I'm so glad that being a gal has been such a positive experience for you. Keep it going! I can't wait to see more from you! Love you!!!!

    1. *sobbing* My heart can't take it you're just so sweet!!! Thank you so much it really means a lot to me and keeps me going hearing things like this from my friends ♥ I love you too! (T A T )

      - Amiman♥