Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Papillon is Almost Here! (sneak peek 👀)

Hello Cuties~
     Believe it or not I thought I had come back and updated my blog before, but looks like I might have been blogging in my dreams (lol).

     As of recent I've been living my life.  I feel like time is passing me by so quickly and I have no choice but to live "day by day".

     I've been going to outings and get-together's with friends and catching up with many others.  I realized something making a reappearance in these "meetings".
I have a new love and its name is sangria lol

     But jokes aside, I've been riding the wave of life for the time being.  I recently had a change with my job and it's taking quite some adjusting.  I'm so tired now-a-days, I haven't touched makeup like I've wanted to.  (; __ ;  )

     However I've been holding onto one great look I did for Papillon magazine.  I really didn't want to spoil anything before the magazine was released but then I thought about it. . .  these pictures were never submitted to the team~  The main focus for the magazine was coordinates this go around so my makeup look isn't shown in detail.  Hence~

     Tada~~~~~ I worked very hard on this look and I'm super proud of it!  I've been playing around with color lately.  I've made a vow (or rather Prince made me take this vow) to use and explore more colors that I typically wouldn't use.  That being makeup or clothing!  Last night I experimented with a mostly green eye look, which was WAY out of my comfort zone.  I didn't take any pictures but I liked it so much I think I will recreate it either for a tutorial or just for pictures.
(I can't spoil any more surprises!!)

     I have another post I can't wait to publish hopefully soon~  Once Papillon is revealed on October 19th, I'll have much more to post.  Please anticipate and support Papillon and all gaijin gyaru!

~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. Ommmmgggggahhhhhhh I cannot wait!!!!! I wanna try to stay up for the release but we'll see! xD I really can't wait to see you in it though *o*

    1. I'm still mad I fell asleep like the granny I am lmao
      - Amiman♥️