Thursday, November 28, 2019

Papillon Lookbook: 001

Hello Cuties~

     Please excuse the rush job on the banner.  I wanted to have one to use consistently for Papillon related posts.  The bottom portion came out more like what I wanted (you'll see).  Anyway, what I wanted to do today was create a new series for Alice in Gyaruland!  A "look-book" series, if you will, will now be featured here.

     My intention is to have a space to showcase my coordinates for Papillon magazine.  Let's be honest, when you have those little photoshoots of yourself, you want to post just about every shot!  You worked hard on it, did you not?  It's so hard to choose just one or two photos to share on social media.  But you do it anyway, you narrow it down and the rest of those photos sit there in your camera roll.  NAH!

     I have fun taking these pictures and I'm always eager to share them all with you!  By sharing these unseen photos you'll get to see more of the coordinates.  Different details, different vibes.  My first "shoot" is lacking some of these things, being that Prince and I shot these really quickly.  But I had fun nonetheless.   I hope that in the future I will get better with these look-book photoshoots.  This is my way of testing the waters before trying to film look-books.  I yearn to do this type of work, so I'm going to practice loads!
     Incorporated into these look-books will be more in depth talk about my coordinates.  For the first edition of Papillon, we were given prompts to explain our outfits.  I'm not sure if this method will return but I really like the idea so I will continue to use similar questions.  I tried hard to keep my responses concise, but here on my blog I'd like to elaborate on my thoughts.

     We were asked to provide a flat-lay of our coordinates.  I've always admired those aesthetically pleasing flat-lay posts on tumblr and instagram; so it was fun to give it a try.
~ Onto The Prompts! ~

Why did you pick this outfit?  What makes it Gyaru?

     I chose this outfit because I have a deep fondness for the himekaji style.  I adore the color combination of pinks, browns and whites, the toned down princess vibes, and details like bows and lace.

     I think what makes this Gyaru are the use of accessories or rather the smaller details.  For example, the statement piece necklace.  I'd like to add that I believe color choice makes a difference; like gold jewelry over silver.  Gold stands out.  Another example is the type of socks used, the lace detailing is a cute plus.  I think the hat is one more factor in Gyaru-fying this outfit.  So, these small details amp up the cute factor in the outfit, separating it from a typical one.

What are your favorite parts?

     I think my favorite parts are the oversized pink cardigan, the oxford shoes, and the lace details on the shirt and skirt.  I'd also like the mention the hat and the gold details throughout the outfit.  The hat has a pink ribbon and pink stitching that reads "hello sunshine".

How did you obtain some of the items?

     As far as what I bought in person, I got the hat in 5 & Below, the socks in Rue21, the purse and the shoes are from DSW.  The purse brand is Betsey Johnson!  I feel like a lot of her items are very Gal friendly.  The cardigan is thrifted; I love the shade of pink and the gold buttons~.

     The rest of the items are also second hand.  However I ordered them from online shops.  The camisole is Liz Lisa, I got it on Depop.  The skirt is also Liz Lisa, and I got it through Yahoo! Japan auctions.

How does this outfit transition into seasons so it could be worn different ways?

     I love to layer if the temperature permits.  In these pictures it was extremely hot, but I wanted to showcase the outfit for how I'd wear it indoors.  Even when it's sweltering out, I like to incorporate a cardigan for indoor wear.  So if it's summer, I'll opt for a camisole or any sleeveless top.  I usually pair such tops with skirts or shorts for hot weather.

     To modify this look for winter, I would wear a long sleeve shirt, stockings underneath my skirt, high boots, and a coat on top.  You could even wear a sweater instead; a sweater would look great with this outfit!  As for accessories, I'd swap the sun hat for a beret or fluffy earmuffs.  And to top it off, a scarf and cute gloves.  I love finding ones with something cute like rhinestones or a bow attached!

     How do you guys feel about the question prompts?  Should I carry on my lookbook posts this way?  If you have any ideas for me I'd love to hear them!  I really do hope the future posts turn out a lot better.  I already have some ideas as far as where to shoot these pictures.  I'll be honest, I do stress over the location and appearance of my photos.  But I know they'll get better!  I'm going to put myself out there to get the image I want.

     Now if only I could find someone who'd like to run around taking pictures with me.
     I hope that everyone enjoyed the debut of Papillon magazine!  Please continue to support us all~  It's been a dream so far and I'm excited about the exposure we're getting.  I hope for success to come to us and I cannot wait to see who else will join in the future!

     For those who may not know, Papillon can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, our website, and Tiktok!  I will leave links here for you all.  Please visit us!  We'd greatly appreciate it

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~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. Ahhhh I'm so sorry I'm so far behind on my blogs!!! But omg, bby I'm still so very proud of you!!!! You were rockin every single look! You are just so amazing! ILU!!!!!!

    1. I'm behind too xD behind on posting, reading and commenting! And thank you so muuuuuuch ♥ honestly I thank every force in the world for bringing us together because you're really the best kind of support and I can only hope that I am doing the same for you ♥♥♥ ILY2!!!
      - Amiman♥

  2. My favorite style at all♡ old himekaji style is what I like the more! Pictures are really really beautiful!