Thursday, November 2, 2017

♥Galoween | Menhera Nurse Makeup Tutorial♥

Hello cuties~
In the previous post I finally revealed my Gal-o-ween
look!  A menhera nurse!   If you haven't given that post
a read, I recommend it!  I tried my best at explaining
menhera, my look's concept, and why I support menhera.
But he purpose of this post is to share my menhera
gyaru makeup tutorial~

In the post prior to this I talked a great deal about
menhera and it's concepts and visuals.
Today I want to discuss other visual aspects that
influenced this makeup look.
One really big inspiration was
Kuua Oyasumi ♥ she's an artist and model, and seems
to be an avid supporter of menhera.  I was inspired
by her both her art and her makeup style.
Another visual that inspired me was this image:
This is what inspired me to do the fake tears!
When I saw this I just HAD to attempt it
and I just happened to have a glue gun and
a few glue sticks lying around and got to work.
It was fun!  I'm still butt-hurt over the fact
that I forgot to include the tears into the
actual tutorial . . .
Sooo perhaps you're wondering, why be a 
nurse?  The main reason is that medical /
hospital imagery is commonly used in
menhera.  I also liked toying with the idea
of a self destructive nurse.  Someone who is
usually taking care of others, is actually in need
of help herself.  So this look followed after that idea.
While referring to my countless hospital trips on insta,
I explained my use of fake blood.  During that time I thought
my issues were purely physical and endured many tests and
appointments.  Therefore, the blood is to represent all the
wasted blood.  
I hope that this may have clarified my
visual concept lol I was afraid to even do
this at first.  I thought maybe my ideas would
be misconstrued.  But everything has a place and
a purpose within this look.

Once again, I hope you enjoyed this!
Thank you to everyone who supports me by
watching, reading, liking and commenting on my
posts or videos

~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. Again, I love this look! This type of nurse is a LOT better than the ones in silent hill Dx I also miss seeing your videos! Will we see Christmas looks?:3
    ~Kieli 💕

    1. Ooooo Christmas looks (๑•̆૩•̆) what should I do?? I think I have the beginnings of a look in mind (I hadn't realized it would actually work for Christmas until you mentioned it). And lol!! I used to want to be a silent hill nurse for halloween back in high school xD boyyy those nurses were creepy and terrifyingly fast with their hands (feet? not so much lmao)!
      Thank you again~~ ♥♥♥
      - Amiman♥