Saturday, November 4, 2017

Kawaii Market event & other news! ♥

Hello cuties!
idk what happened with my regular
scheduled posts lmao I've been all over the place.
October proved to be quite the busy month!
I hope November will bring fun events but also be
kind and gentle with us all~ ♥

I wanted to share a few things with y'all but not all of
it is J-fashion news, so it wouldn't suit a "Word on the
J-Street" post.  Sooo I guess this could just be a diary entry?
Kawaii Market

When I tell you I am STOKED? I'M STOKED!
My first kawaii / J-fashion event!!!  I had no clue they
would host such things here in New Orleans lol.

I had to miss out on the first day (today) because of work
and I also have work tomorrow.  BUT I refuse to let work
ruin this for me!  I work the night shift so I'll have some
time to check it out.
Not sure if anyone remembers, but Alice and I visited
Kawaii NOLA some time ago!  (post here♥)
Can't wait to see how it's changed
- J-Street news: Club Lovage -
Club Lovage is a new Japanese socks shop!  I can't
tell you why I'm so excited to hear this lol I just really
like socks.  Especially strange, unique, or printed socks.
The brand was created by 11 fashion students, including
the four talented students that created Fanatic Magazine!
These guys are making some major moves
I hope they gain lots of attention and become big names
in the Japanese fashion industry~
~ Other news ~
My friend Kristen informed me that my parish would be
getting a new attraction soon~  Do you know those "over-
the-top" milkshake / ice cream parlors?  We'll be getting one
in my area!  The other day I happened to be near the new
shop and saw that they might be open for business!
It's called "Shake Therapy" (இ௦இ )
I'm super psyched to try it out! (even tho I can't have dairy)
Perhaps this will become my new hang out spot.  This
particular building is where the old Cold Stone was located.

*as you can tell, I'm an ice cream enthusiast lol

I hope to maybe vlog at the Kawaii Market event!
That would be a lot of fun!  I think I'll be attending it
alone so it'll be a little strange filming alone yet in public.
I'll have fun regardless!
Until next post,
~ Love you! x Amiman ~

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