Thursday, November 9, 2017

GC Day 17: My Gyaru Archive ♥

Hello Cuties~ I'm here with day #17
of the 30 day Gyaru Challenge!
My Gyaru Archive
I changed the title to be shorter lol
This post is to show a picture for every year that
I've been into Gyaru!  A trip down memory lane~
How fun!
Probably my all time favorite circle lenses :
Princess Mimi Chocolate brown
     This was back when I owned a lot of Ed Hardy.  I remember painting "rebel" on the underside of this hat because gals in Egg were shown wearing similar hats.  This was also during my clip-in extension obsession; the ombre ones were my favorite! (I'm also wearing a clip-on bang lmao)

My first "full" Kurogyaru look!
     Still with the Princess Mimi lenses~  I feel like this was the earliest moment where I felt I could call myself Gyaru.  However I still didn't feel worthy of the title, but I did feel one step closer.  This was also the first look where I received a lot of good feedback.

New camera , new lashes , new me!
     This was January of 2014 and I got a new camera and had recently purchased a lot of falsies.  I think right after this month I realized how long I had been harboring these Princess Mimi lenses and tossed them. (/-(エ)-\) Please always keep a log of when you buy your yearly lenses!

A great year for experimental looks~
featuring my first altered falsies
     This might have been the year I started to challenge myself.  Whether that was changing up my makeup style or being a little more daring with my coordinates.  Definitely the start of something new, because the following year was when I really got creative and went out of my comfort zone.

A great year for fashion, period.
     As of now, my best year!  Personally this was the year when my skills improved.  And my ideas seemed endless~  Funny that right around New Years I saw one of those "the signs" posts, and it said I would become a fashion God in 2016 ♥(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

Big steps this year~
     This year was my stepping out year!  I grew a lot more comfortable in my skin, took lots of photos, shared lots more, and made so many fun memories with my friends!  Earlier I mentioned I didn't feel worthy of calling myself Gyaru in 2013, but now I'm one step closer.  I'm working on meeting and communicating more and more with Gals.  Personally, I feel like living the full Gyaru lifestyle will help convince me that I'm worthy of the title.

It was SO hard to choose just one picture to represent
my progress for each year! So here are a few "top
contenders" for each year~
∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
 I was honestly all over the place for 2012, trying different
substyles.  Himekajij one day, and the next rokku lol

 In 2013, I think I was really into rokku and kurogyaru the most!
This last picture is the "full" kurogyaru look I referred to earlier.
It's still one of my favorite looks to this day

Long live the foxtail! I would wear that thing so much to school
lol.  2014 was a fun year because I was so used to using university
as a place to experiment with styles and coordinates, that by my
second-to-last year of college I was a lot more comfortable
showing up in full Gyaru mode.  This was also the year I found
my favorite lower lashes ♥

Truly wildin' in 2015!  I remember kicking things off with
that Kurogyaru look in the leopard coat; I loved that look so
much I thought I'd never top it lmfao.  Although I dabbled
with kurogyaru a few times, 2015 was the year I got really into
the "dolly look"!  Also Larme and Swankiss was getting so big
I wanted to dress like Hikapu so badly.  Also 2015 is when I got
better at makeup that flattered my eyeshape.


I had a reeaally hard time narrowing down my faves
for 2016 lol.  I feel like I was a completely different
person in 2016; even though it was just one year ago!
That year was such a great year for creativity!  I miss so
many of these looks!  And so many cool coordinates!  I
think I really found my style that year; I could come up
with my own coords versus 2012 when I'd look up inspiration
everyday on tumblr lol

So many fun moments so far!  I've become a lot more sociable
which has lead me to fun places and memorable adventures!
Mark 2017 as a new chapter in my life where I'm taking steps
and making things happen for myself.  From collaborating
a tutorial for a friend's channel to starting my own.  I still
can't believe I started a YouTube channel!  No doubt, I'm still
growing and experiencing life.  And I hope to continue to
share every step with y'all!
And that ends my Gyaru evolution~ lol

It's funny to go back and like monitor your progress.
If you ask me, my skills kind of fluctuate 「(°ヘ°)
I can never tell if I'm getting better or not.
How long have you been into Gyaru?  How
do you feel about your progress and do you feel
as though you have a lot more to learn?
Hope you enjoyed this!
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. Babe, you have def blossomed. It was amazing to see you on your gal journey. And you have inspired me so much to keep going on my own. I love every style you have tried. And your eye make is always on point. You influence me to do better. No worries, you def got this 😘

    1. (つ﹏<)・゚。 I read this at 2:30am on my phone and I just T_T had to roll over, clutch my shirt and make the most unflattering cry face lolll. You are SO precious and sweet and I'm happy I've inspired you because YOU inspire me! You inspire me to continue being gyaru too♥ And thank you so much!!! ( ˘ ³˘)
      - Amiman♥