Saturday, November 11, 2017

♡VLOG: Kawaii Market @Kawaii NOLA♡

Hello Cuties~
I've finally gotten around to editing the footage
from the Kawaii Market event from last week!
I'll embed the video at the end of this post.
The Kawaii Market was being hosted by none other
than, Kawaii NOLA!  I mentioned before that it's been
forever since Alice in I visited their shop.
They've even changed locations!  However it's still
on Magazine street.

The event was 2 days and ran from 10am to 4pm.
I caught them on the second day between 11am - 12pm.
I was being a little (read a lot) awkward but I made my
way through each table, greeting the creators while
observing (and filming) their art / items.

There were two artists present "A Strange Bohemian"
and "Spooky in the Square".  Both were lovely and I got
to speak with them for a bit.  I was really drawn to the
latter shop.  S.Larson's art concept was very creepy cute
with voodoo dolls, crocodiles, and skeletons.

Lots of nice jewelry shops were present as well!
"Faerie Things" and "Sweetly Inedible" caught my
attention the most.  The set up by "Faerie Things"
was so colorful, I couldn't wait to reach their table!
Their craft style reminds me of Peco Club and tutuHA
meets Lisa Frank lol idk how to explain it but I
love it

Let's not forget the glitz and glam of the day :
"Elektra Cosmetics".
As soon as I made it to their table they asked
"Are you a glitter fan?"  I said yes of course lol
Elektra's table even had a sample glitter bar!!!
Their Bolt Balm pots were on display for anyone to
play in~  I swatched all 3 at the bar aaand a few of
their other glitters.  Elektra Cosmetics is located in New
Orleans and I'm definitely purchasing more in the future.

Here's my face from that day :
Cannot wait to use this bad boy!!
I got the Barbie earrings! It made me think of
Peco Club style I already put the keychain to use!
I hope I'm not forgetting anything . . .
Anyway, I'm super tired and have work tomorrow ;;
Here's the vlog!  Enjoy!
~ Love you!!! x Amiman ~

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