Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Galoween | Menhera Nurse💊💉

Happy late Halloween my sweets~!
Did you have fun?  Watched any creepy movies or
ate a ton of candy?  I spent my Halloween night at
work.  But don't fret, the Saturday before, my friends
and I went club hopping in our costumes! lol

Originally, we planned to attend a Great Gatsby
costume themed party at this nice club.  I've mentioned
it before but my costume had been planned since last year
so I went COMPLETELY out of theme lmao
But so did a lot of other people! I even saw another nurse!

Shockingly the party was a no fun,
so we ditched and went on an adventure towards
Bourbon street.  Bourbon was loud and alive with
tons of people in costumes, drunk and dancing;
it was like Mardi Gras all over again lmao
We picked a club that was extremely packed but
danced the night away and called it quits at 3am!
Anatomy of a Menhera girl :
Yep, the hat and eye patch are handmade by me
it was tough but fun!  I haven't hand sewn in years.

lenses secret candy magic no.14
 I'm SO upset that I forgot to include the "tears"
in my tutorial T_T .  I made the tears with a
hot glue gun!
lashes cherry blossom #805 (top)
diamond lash sweet eye (bottom)
So why menhera?
I feel a connection with this style, with it's concept.

      "These days it is mostly referring to a person that is having emotional issues. . .[and] is about seeking mental well-being in general.  It is very distinctive in that it focuses on cuteness that got tainted by sickness.  This refers to how the characters might appear cute but have a very poor health, obscure interests or are prone to negative thoughts.  They portray a gimmick of always having an internal struggle, aiding to the overall glass doll like delicate nature.  In order to leave a greater impact, emotional wounds get reflected on the outside."

Also, menhera fashion is visually pleasing.  The clothing is cute
yet melancholic and dark.  I like the use of oversized clothes along
with platforms, sometimes thigh socks and medical accessories.
Even the slight use of bondage imagery intrigues me.
The fact that such dark symbols (such as weapons, pills, etc.)
can be incorporated with kawaii culture fascinates me.

      "The outfits usually consist of an oversized top which features art and covers most of the shorter bottom or hospital themed wear, a seifuku collar, printed thigh highs, medical accessories, subtle bondage gear, art or text, bandages and comfy platform shoes.  An excessive amount of blush gets applied under the eyes as it is associated with translucent skin, it makes the wearer look fragile and in need of care and protection."
How do I relate to menhera?
I'll speak on this in a general sense, to respectively keep aspects
of my personal life private.  As a person who has and still is dealing
with internal struggles like anxiety and depression, I feel connected
to the concept of menhera.  I feel as though everyone experiences
some sort of trauma in their life and personally, I think expressing
the effects and internal wounds of trauma outwardly is helpful.
In a way, it's shedding light on those internal struggles, making
those "invisible" effects visible.  It's like battle scars, and I want
you to see them, see that something or someone has hurt me, but
I am surviving.
Negative and pessimistic thinking is becoming rather common.
Usually, it's the result of an ordeal of some sort.  For me, these
feelings come in waves and I never know when or how long
they'll last.  I tend to feel battered, worn, used, hopeless, small,
frail, useless.  Sometimes I even doubt all these feelings and
question if they're real or valid.  And more than anything I
feel like no one sees I'm struggling (even though I purposely
hide it).  Sometime I just want someone to recognize it?
Regarding my concept for this look, we can take filth in more
ways than one.  It's a common feeling with some types of trauma,
the sense of never ridding oneself of shame and well..filth.
Or the feeling of filth can be taken in an obscene way.  Being quite
used to being viewed as nothing more than a sexual object, the urge
to present myself as such is sometimes inevitable.
As I explained on insta, dressing this way is a way of healing.
I'm getting to wear my internal wounds on the outside so for
once, the feeling is not weighing so heavily on my back.

The quotes above come from fymenhera blog so I've
linked them below.
( xxx )
I apologize if you may have not wanted to read that.
Or if I made things uncomfortable and heavy by
sharing this.  Rather, I hope you found this informative
and interesting!  Also was I spooky enough this year?
Splattering the blood all over the clothes was lots
of fun~ I'm thinking blood again next year!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
What did you dress up as? What are you going
to wear next year?!
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. Your costume and makeup turned out wonderful! And I'm glad to see someone else who actually understands menhera and what it really means. I always see people on tumblr claiming that it "romanticizes" mental illness - while they reblog negative posts about how terrible they feel and mock posts that suggest healthy coping mechanisms/ways to improve their situation.
    Anyway I think you did a great job!

    1. Thank you, thank youuu from the bottom of my heart ♥ really thank you for reading and commenting! I totally get what you're saying about tumblr community; I see it a lot. I'm still fairly new to the menhera world (and feel I have things to learn) but it's definitely made its impact on me. It has revived my creativity and it's something I can channel these thoughts / feelings into that isn't something physically harmful. And getting to see other people that are involved and using it as a way to cope, makes me feel better. ^^ Thanks again!
      - Amiman♥

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. I never got into this stuff as I never understood it. But thanks to you, now I do have a better understanding. And you look amazing ❤

    1. Awwww thank you angel~ (#^^#) I'm glad I not only decided to go through with this look, but glad I shared this with y'all. I feel like I'm growing as a person; I got some things off my chest by using my creativity and through makeup which is something we all love~
      - Amiman♥