Thursday, April 6, 2017

🌿Spring Day Makeup!🌸

Hello cuties~
I missed out on a week of posting ;;
But I'm happy to say I took the time to film yesterday!
I've been just about desperate to use my new Makeup Revolution palettes so I did an impromptu makeup look using all three palettes.
It turned into a "let's just use all of my newest makeup items"
(including my new lenses)
makeup look lol
sorry for the blue cast over the picture, my ringlight plus the lighting in the room just don't mix well
i LOVE the way these lenses look!
ε=(。ˇд ˇ。)
they look green in some lighting omg I love hazel contacts lol
Also this was supposed to be another "cut-crease" attempt but by the way I'm holding my eyes in these pictures, you can't tell
You can kind of see it here. . . (?)

Again sorry this lighting is just . . .ehh

SO, i realized i haven't mentioned a few things that I've been up to lately.
Last month I went to a high school friend's wedding!
 She looked so beautiful on her big day!
And at the reception I was being a dork; I wanted to take a picture in the frame but I had it turned the wrong way lmao
Instead of "friends", looks like I'm the bride!
One day I saw a post on tumblr that made remember those "gyaru valentines" forums.
I used to enjoy scrolling through them; seeing the positivity being spread warmed my heart.
So I decided to look it up again (it's been a fairly long time since I scrolled through it)
I was so surprised to see my own face!
 I don't know who submitted these but thank you soooo much!
Naturally when you look back on pictures you sometimes point out all the faulty things within them, but now I can look back on these with a smile ~

I purchased new makeup sponges, concealer, an eyeliner (for a look i'm planning), a highlighter, eyelashes and finally a fan brush!

I hope you like this look and I hope you like the upcoming video!
~ Love you!! x Amiman ~


  1. Such beautiful dolly eyes!!!!!♥♥♥ I need to get those palettes so bad xD
    Whenever I have bad colors in photos like it's too blue or yellow, I just throw the pic into photoshop and mess with the color settings a little bit. It should get it back to natural. :D
    You are too precious! I love that photo of you with the frame. That's actually a very cute a idea for a wedding!
    You look amazing in those valentines! Always smile♥
    And did you know Gal Valentines is still a thing?! They have a FB page now and are active on the Gyaru Amino :D You should join if you haven't already! The girls and guys on there are really nice and supportive of each other.

    1. (੭ु。╹▿╹。)੭ु⁾⁾ waaaaaah bring it in for a hug lol! ♥♥ When I saw your name/comment on the notification on my phone I got so happy~~
      I tried playing around with settings but everything I did made the picture worst lmao xD
      Also, it's still active?! I haven't logged on FB in forever now I have a reason lol!
      -Amiman ♥