Wednesday, February 15, 2017

💔Lonely Hearts Club: Gyaru Makeup Tutorial!💔

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Hello Cuties~
my "Lonely Hearts Club" makeup look now has a makeup tutorial!
( 」。╹o╹。)」

it's kind of cruddy compared to most makeup tutorials on youtube or instagram, but I appreciate every view, like, comment and subscriber!
I love you all!! And it means a lot to me.
Even just viewing it means the world to me~

I hope I feel a lot better about my next video.  I'm probably just over thinking things but per usual, I'm my biggest critic.  Which is quite normal, right? lol

By the way, how was your Valentine's Day?
I spent my day with a little pampering~  I finally got to use this Lush bath bomb I've been holding!
Tisty Tosty
"Tisty Tosty is a bathtime love potion that's made to stir passions. Drop it into the tub to luxuriate among the romantic aromas of rose and jasmine absolutes, and watch as whole rosebuds saunter across the softening waters"

 I definitely fell in love as soon as it hit the water~ It smells so nice~~
Tomorrow I'll buy as much discounted valentine's day candy as I want!

Get (literally one purchase lmao)
Toyoepin #04 lashes that I got on ebay
they're much thinner than my current lashes but I want to try it out.
The style is still similar to what I always buy lol
ahh when will i stray from this style lmao
In other news, I'm 2 posts away from finishing the 10 day makeup challenge!
I excited to try the last one the most, even though I'm not 100% sure what I'll do yet haha

Thank you for reading!
~x Amiman ♥
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  1. Those lashes 😍😍😍 and I def need to try at least one bath bomb. I want a beautiful bath xD

    1. You shouuuld d=(´▽`)=b they're fun and relaxing~ Today I saw Bath and Bodyworks started selling bath fizzers versions of their popular fragrances! I want to try those. And ahh I still haven't tried out these lashes yet (;__;) lol
      - Amiman ♥