Sunday, February 12, 2017

💔V-Day Look: Lonely Hearts Club💔 (+ coord!)

Hello Cuties~!
I'm so excited today because I have a fun look to share with you~
♡💔 Lonely Hearts Club ðŸ’”♡
Just in time for Valentine's Day / singles awareness day, it's right around the corner!  This one's for the lonely hearts with lots of love to give; orrrr anybody who loves glitter~
Or both lol

Remember a long time ago I said my friends call Valentine's Day "singles awareness day"?
That was basically the idea behind this lol
I love Valentine's Day because hearts, glitter, and lots of cute things are everywhere~ Plus it's the second holiday where you get to eat tons of candy, behind Halloween of course.

But this year is probably the first year I won't be surrounded by friends.
Usually I'm in school, so I make valentines and bring my friends candy, flowers or teddy bears.
Now I can't even do that!
So I probably will buy chocolates and eat to my lonely heart's desire this valentines~
I wanted to do that 'hollowed out heart shape blush' look, buuuuut it didn't work out the way I wanted.  So I outlined the shape with white eyeliner.
The "forever alone" aspect is just to be humorous, but I actually love the concept of glitter tears lmao
One tiny pink glittery tear~ along with a teeny tiny white heart~
*super-duper closeup*
Inspiration for this look came from this picture!

I wish I had a petticoat or something to go under this dress.  I think it would look cuter with some "poof" to it.
you can barely see it, but i like this necklace it's pink beads and gold links
In the makeup pics I had a crazy half up-do, but to make it more casual I opted for a pink bow. 

Rundown ♡
x Cardigan - offbrand
x Dress - liz lisa replica (taobao)
x Socks - tj maxx
x Shoes - steve madden
x Purse - dooney & bourke 
x Accessories - charlotte russe, forever21 and offbrand
Jokes aside, I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!
See you next post.
Love you! x  Amiman

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