Monday, July 27, 2020

Have a Safe Hot Gal Summer! ☀

Hello Cuties!

     Although it may not feel like it, Summer is here! 🌞  It's crazy I imagined, like everyone else, I'd be having a ball right about now.  Not sure if I would've made it to a beach or not, but I was determined to go all out Gal-wise this Summer . . .  at least that was my plan at the start of the year.  ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ゙

     But it's not too late to make this Summer exciting; or rather you can still have your "Hot Gal Summer" the safe way.

     A Summer with your friends doesn't have to be completely cancelled.  You just might have to take some extra precautionary measures to ensure everyone's safety.  Masks are becoming the norm in the states (well . . . a lot of people are still fighting it but, I digress).  I am a paranoid individual, so I keep a box of latex gloves in my car, and a few in my purse to handle doors and such.  Recently I invested in some metal straws!  They even came with a cute pouch to keep in my purse!  Hand sanitizer is always a great idea, I have mine hooked to my bag!  And my newest purchase this week was a keychain touch tool!  It works as a hook to open doors and assists me with pressing buttons contact-less!

     I'm considering finding a case so I can also travel with my own silverware (again, I'm a bit crazy).  But if I want to entertain the idea of eating out at restaurants again, I've gotta do what I gotta do.  So don't judge me if I bust out my own spoon and straw! xD

     But any who, back to the premise of this post:  Taking Back Hot Gal Summer!  I'm going to try to have FUN!  And these are the looks / vibes I want to rock this year!


     For starters . . . I need some platforms LOL. ⌒(> _ <)  Ps.  It's hot in my city until November, so I'll probably try living out my "Hot Gal Summer" dreams until then!

~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. You need to show some of these items that you use. I want to know what this thing is that helps with doors :o
    Also, if you look on some Japanese shopping sites you can find some really cute sets that are meant for bento box lunches that have at least a fork, spoon and chopsticks. I got the cutest one from SWIMMER before they closed! Also if you know someone that can get to a Daiso (mine is currently closed T_T ) there are cute sets that come apart for storage!

    Also i am so ready for these looks!!!! I want to do some of these so bad! Especially with those DIA pieces I'm on the constant hunt for.

    1. I'll pm you the link for the door tool! And aaaah thank you I didn't even think of Daiso, of course they'd have something like that lol. Idk who I have near one but I might luck out!

      Eiii I'm so stoked to do some of these looks! I'm planning one right now~~
      - Amiman♥