Saturday, August 1, 2020

AV Gal Style ~ ♡

Hello my Cuties 

     I think you've waited long enough for this update~  Today I bring the next entry to Reila's 9 week Gyaru Challenge.  Now I'll admit, this was the theme I was the most eager to do.  AV Gyaru style!

     The boldness, the glitz, the glamour and sex appeal of the Adult Video Gals~  They have a special spot in my heart since these are typically the Gals that stay true to that dramatic Gyaru makeup I adore.

     For this challenge I decided to draw inspiration from one of my favorites :  Miyashita Tsubasa.

     Her makeup is over the top in the best way!  Something I've always loved about makeup in the AV world is the silver / glittery under eye.  And huge eyelashes (can't forget about those)!!!

     If you weren't aware, I'm good for being "extra" in everything I do.  Well at least I aim to be so . . . I couldn't let it be with doing AV style makeup;  I had to immerse myself into the role.  Relax~  I didn't do anything too inappropriate!  Just a little glamour shoot while I was on vacation (lol).

     I figured the setting was right, so why not? ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

But first, let's talk eyemake!

 yuhh get into iiiit lmao

     Giving you major eye droop! (mm . . .major enough lol)  This is probably my most successful eye-droop to date!  As you can tell, these makeup pics were taken back at home (after my vacation) and that's because I HATED how my makeup turned out the first time.  (´ー` )  I had to redeem myself!!!

Now for my mini shoot in my favorite outfit!

  blazer set :  d . i . a 

     THE blazer-skirt set from d . i . a!  I've mentioned before how much I love this set but I've never worn it out.  Before I go out and about in this get-up, I'd like to add some inches to the skirt.  Sadly it's far too short, but perfect for an AV Gal shoot! xD


     Did I mention that I'm "extra"?  Because I made myself a DVD cover girl . . . 

     That's as risqué as I'll go lol!  But I'll be honest, this was loads of fun to do.    I'd like to thank my special helper for this one.  I don't know how he puts up with me.  At first I'm excited and bursting with ideas, and then I clam up when the camera is on me (lol).

     As I mentioned above, I wasn't happy with the initial AV Gal shoot makeup.  So I decided to try it again at home (where ALL of my makeup is present).  I also had a wardrobe change~

 AV Gal, Amiman, in her little black dress~

      I can't believe I didn't think to use my new Sugar Pill eyelashes the first time.  I forgot how amazing these are!  Also the eye droop just wasn't working out the first time, but I'm happier with the second attempt.  The eyeliner is a lot darker and more defined; it stands out now!  I also had the colors all wrong at first.  The under eyes look better in silver rather than gold.

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Nails, gloss, dainty jewelry :  CHECK!

So what did you think of my little "debut"?  hehe (/▽\*)。o○♡  
Until next time
~ Love you x Amiman ~