Friday, February 28, 2020

A Picturesque Gal's Day

Hello Cuties!

     Sorry about the silence, but I'm back!  Lately, I've been catching up with some girl friends I haven't seen in a long while.  Long time readers should remember my partner in crime, Sarah.  We met up after months of not seeing each other and decided to hit some spots downtown!

     The main plan was to visit the french market down in the French Quarter (like Prince and I did a few posts back).  I thought it would be fun walk and to pop in and out of a few shops on the way there.  Once we set off on our journey I couldn't help but notice it was a gorgeous day out!  Sarah and I are all about supporting each other's content; so I suggested we take some pictures of each other around the area!

     A picturesque, flawless day presented itself and made things really easy for us.  I mean we snapped so many great pics of each other!  You can see the snaps I took of Sarah on her insta page~ (linked)

☆彡 RUNDOWN  彡☆

dress - thrifted
jacket - forever 21
boots - taobao
accessories - forever 21, offbrand

     It was nice to just lollygag with Sarah for the day.  We're notorious for window shopping, grabbing things and saying "ooh that's cute" just to leave it on its shelf.  。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。 

     Surprisingly I didn't buy any clothes, and I even behaved myself in Sephora!  I did go searching for some Huda beauty and Fenty stuff but came out empty handed.  However I got a few makeup shots while in there.

     I combined colourpop's "bae" and Lime Crime's diamond dew glitter topper to achieve this sparkly look. 

(taken @ home)

     Sarah and I stopped at many little shops along the way and found some great spots to take photos too!  Since we had already eaten, I knew I was in the mood for something sweet so I was debating on either beignets or ice cream.  There's a fudgery on the road to the French Market that I never can resist called Kilwins.  The smell is heavenly escaping Kilwins is heavenly, and it has the perfect interior for photos!  

     After our ice cream stop, we happened upon a set of stairs I thought fit for more great photos.  Honestly now that I think about it, this day really turned into a photoshoot (lol) ( ´ ▽ ` )  I remember while taking Sarah's picture, a group of girls passed hollering "yaaas, that pose!"  It was funny but truly a confidence booster to see so many people smiling and encouraging us to have fun.

I stole Sarah's pose for this one~ (lol)

     Eventually we made it to the French Market.  It was lively as usual, another musical act was playing amongst the people eating and drinking.  I was tempted to get another boozy smoothie but I just had ice cream so I passed on it.  I was trying to show Sarah all of the things the market had to offer because she's never been!  

     Finally got that perfect entrance shot I've wanted!  Perfect timing too because carnival season was approaching so the market had it's Mardi Gras decoration up!  Since I talked about the French Market a few posts back, I won't into too much detail.  Everything was more or less the same. 

     However I did see a few new vendors that day.  I saw quite a few artists, I even bought a print from one!  I won't upload a picture because I'm not sure if that's ok to do, no pictures were allowed at the booth.  The art style was pretty awesome.  It was Mardi Gras / carnival themed and I just loved the "button-eyed-rag-doll" style of all of their pieces.

     We also spotted a table of little "voodoo dolls" but they were of many popular characters and public figures.  They were more like tiny yarn doll keychains, but the structure and style was exactly like the voodoo dolls I used to buy in college.  I searched high and low for hello kitty one but there wasn't one (huhuu).  

     We left the French Market with just full stomachs (and my art print in hand).  I knew what would change that though, a visit to one of our old favorites:  the beauty supply store.  I remember back in the day we'd spend so much time and money in there buying nails, lipstick, eyelashes, wigs, purses.  Everything!

     Sarah was suckered in by the eyeshadow palettes and I, the eyelashes (per usual).  I also picked up a new beret!  I won't be happy until I have every color~

     The "individuals" are supposed to be for upper lashes but I want to see how they work as lower eyelashes.

     This day was a real treat!  I really miss my "girl's days" with my girlfriends from school and work.  I've mentioned it before but I think doing a makeup / sleepover party with my close friends would be SO much fun!  (* ^ ω ^)  I hope you enjoyed this post~  Thanks for reading!

~ Love you x Amiman ~



    I'm glad you guys had so much fun. <3

    1. I've been m.i.a but it makes me so happy to come back to this ♥♥♥ Thank you!! I guess I'm back to dressing up just for indoor pictures during this quarantine xD *flashback to 2012-2013*
      - Amiman♥

  2. Your outfit is AMAZING <3 Your makeup is too!!!
    You're so gorgeous! <3

    Glad it was a good time!

    1. AWWW thank you!! I'm so happy with this look, it's just surprising how simple it was to put together ^^; There's nothing better than getting cutesy without tiring yourself out! lol
      - Amiman♥

  3. I'm so glad you had a good time! Girls' Days are the best ;_;

    1. Girls' days are sweet, sweet therapy from the real world lol I wish they could happen more often! I didn't realize work and life would pull you away from friends for so long until it actually started happening to me (ToT )
      - Amiman♥