Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Papillon Lookbook: 003

Hello Cuties!

     It's about that time again~  With the release of the Galentine special, I'm back with another Papillon Lookbook! ( ・o^ )

     In my previous post, I mentioned the theme of the magazine which was "cute vs sexy" Valentine's day looks.  I put myself up to the task of the sexy concept just to step out of my comfort zone.  I feel as though I'm known to only do cutesy looks so I hope I succeeded in changing it up!

* The inspo for this outfit comes from Mai-tan

     Thankfully I had the help of my lovely mother to take these photos.  We set off to one of my favorite hang outs, Magazine Street.  It's a fairly long strip of galleries and boutiques so I figured it would make a nice background.  

     Mom tried her best and honestly I was pretty happy with all of these shots!  ⊂( ´ ▽ ` )⊃  Do you know that feeling when you set a plan in motion, things derail, but the outcome is surprisingly better?  That explains my little photo shoot perfectly (lol).  I planned to take most of my photos in front of this cool record shop.  But it didn't come out the way I imagined.  But just a block away was a restaurant with a charming patio setup!

      These turned out to be my favorite photos out of the entire bunch .  I'm happy I thought to just take a seat there!  There's always something I've loved about "street snaps".  I absolutely live for the contrast in the scenery and Japanese fashion.  Things are usually simple and "minimalistic; then there's that pop of color or extraordinary design from the outfit that jumps out!

     Being surrounded by those plants reminded me of sneaking away during work to take pictures in the botanical gardens.  So I did just that, and took selfies (o´▽`o)ノ.

     I feel like I'm improving with my posing and photo taking!  I'm not sure what it was that day, but I really felt like I was one of those girls that got featured in FRUiTS.  (hence this edit was necessary lol)

     A day filled with carefree smiles and playful poses~  It's nice to feel special again.

     I remember while we were taking this photo, a group of boys were passing and calling : "Hey~"  "Can I get in the picture?"  "Let me take a picture too!"  。゚(´ ∀ ` *)゚。 Couldn't help but crack up over that chaotic scene.  But y'know what?  I didn't shy away like I usually do.  Usually I'm too embarrassed to continue but I just kept things rolling.



cardigan - ralph lauren
top - rainbow shops
skirt - spencer's
tulle skirt - ebay
fishnets - ebay
boots - taobao
accessories - betsey johnson , forever21 , juicy couture

     Stairs have become my go to.  They make for a nice and easy backdrop for photos.  I find posing on stairs comes a little more natural.

     I believe this was our last stop before the sun began to set.  I had fun but it was getting colder and I was a little tired, so we called it a day~  This shoot was done in early December so it was damn cold (lol).  I hope I did a good job of concealing how cold I was!

     Something that didn't get much attention that day was my makeup.  I can't even remember what palettes I used but, I created a "spotlight" eyeshadow look.  And I used my most favorite (abused) colors, pink and purple.

     Once I got back home, I threw on some bottom lashes to jazzy my look up just a bit before recording my tiktok intro for Papillon's page!  But I failed to take any normal selfies lmao I only used bizarre filters, sorry!

I quite like it though~

     I'm really excited to do this again!!!  I can't spoil any surprises, but I know Papillon has already announced Vol 2 is in the works!  I cannot wait!  What do you think the theme will be?

~ Love you x Amiman ~


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    1. Oops I messed up my comment! LOL Too bad there's no edit button;;

      I love this look so much! I love that all your pieces come from places here in the US! It really inspires me to start making coords without having to use Japanese brands! ^^ I loved seeing you in Papillon and I hope you appear in the next issue! ^U^

    2. 。゚・(╥ω╥ ♡)・゚。 *crying tears of happiness* You have no idea how touched I am by this! Thank you so much!! And yes~ I really wanted to push that point that you don't have to use Japanese brands. I remember at some point I never thought I'd even own any, so all of my coords were offbranded / from the US. I kind of feel like my outfits turned out a lot better back then too. I'm rambling now but thank you again for this sweet comment! :3
      - Amiman♥

  2. My heart was melting when I first saw your photos! I was like omg my bby is so precious! I love this look!!!! I melted again with this post!!!!! <3 <3 <3