Monday, November 7, 2016

✨It's Poppin' : Colourpop Haul!✨

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I wanted this post to be up last week but work kept me away ;;
the busiest time of the year at work is approaching and I'm stressing but I got new makeup so who cares!
I also wanted to wait and make this post after I got my new lenses buuuut I haven't received them yet
~Onto the haul~

I ordered 6 items on Oct. 26th and got my package on the 29th!
(〇o〇;) !!
I'm still in awe over how fast that went lol
There were also 2 promotions going on where you got a free highlighter when you spent $30 also free domestic shipping for 48 hours~ A day full of winnings!
Here's what I got:
- lumière (lip liner)
- wolfie (ultra glossy lip / metallic)
- honey b (ultra glossy lip / crème)
- brady (super shock shadow / matte)
- drift (super shock shadow / pearlized)
- candyman (super shock cheek highlighter / pearlized)
*free item* over the moon (super shock cheek highlighter / pearlized)
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This is how everything was packaged~~
When I opened the box there were pamphlets and information on their new and old products. I like that they give you tips on how to get the best use out of their products.
 But my favorite thing (apart from the actual makeup) is the cute message they always include!
◟(◔ัu◔ั )◞ ༘♡
 Beneath the cards, booklets and lots of foam pieces are my new babies~~

 Originally I wanted to get the lumière "lippie stix" but sadly it was sold out ;; so I settled for its lip liner. I figured since the color is the same and the consistency is smooth and creamy like a lipstick, there wouldn't be much of a difference.
 I was soooo excited to try their "ultra glossy lip" lip-glosses!
Legit how i felt about these glosses lol they're so pigmented! I picked 1 in crème finish and 1 in metallic finish
The eyeshadows and highlighters~
So far I've played with brady, drift, and honey b! I want to get more matte eyeshadows now, but I can't stay away from shimmer shades ;;
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Other than the colourpop purchases, I finally snagged a Milani Amore Matte Lip Crème! I got one in the shade "Beautiful"~
such a fitting name because omg guys it's such a beautiful color! 
I can't wait to incorporate it into my looks now that it's fall! It's funny because I used to not like red lipstick because I thought I didn't look nice in them. I still want to try more shades from this line! But this was literally the second to last one in the store I went to and for some reason every other store that sells Milani doesn't have the Amore Matte lipsticks
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I hope my contacts come in soon! I'm officially out of lenses again ;; 

See you next post!
~ love you! x amiman ~
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