Wednesday, November 2, 2016

🎃 Galoween with my fav Gals! 🎃

Hi guys! How was your Halloween?
I hope it was fun and filled with goodies and maybe a few scares lol I watched plenty of horror movies and ate a lot of candy
( ̄w ̄)Ψ
Per usual, I was excited to see what other Gals dressed as for Halloween~

Manya and Yun went as zombie brides ^^
I love how long and strong their friendship is~

Pomitan went as a leopard girl~ and Mokorieri is a colorful crayon girl
Ayuyun and Pomitan
Pomitan also did a prisoner look 

The Yoshikawa twins did a pop art comic look!
Hozunyam did a few looks this time! She dressed as a bunny, wish i knew the girl next to her, she's dressed as Hello Kitty!
 She also dressed as a Barbie~
 And Tinkerbell!

Asupon (right?) and Kuroyayo went as "army twins"~
 Asupon and Acham both dressed as cute pikachu!!

you know what. . .I've never been sure what name she goes by
(;^◇^;)ゝ but like Pomitan, she went as a leopard girl ^^
by the looks of it Harutamu was a zombie nurse~~ 
Duras staff girls looked cool and cute!
Who was your favorite? I think I liked Mokorieri as a crayon the most lol

After seeing these gals I saw lots of other great Halloween looks from others on instagram. Here's some of my favorites!
 Being "Mean Girls" with a group of friends would be so much fun!!

 This is so coooool Î£(‘◉O◉’) glam yet spooky~

I think I want to try something like this next year! I saw a few people do this "double eye" illusion.
She's the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland! How cute is the heart blush detail?~~~
It's November 2nd so the Colourpop x Hello Kitty collection was released yesterday! It was also Kitty's birthday~
They went live on snapchat with swatches of everything; there's so many pretty things
Σ(´Ð´ ` メ)
I compiled shots from insta and their snapchat

This isn't even everything they released omg. But 4 of the eyeshadows are sold as a quad called "Mamas Apple Pie". There's also a kit for $42 that includes most of what's shown in this picture.
This is the Mamas Apple Pie quad ↓↓↓
 Some ultra glosses with ton of glitter and a lipstick
 2 ultra satin lipsticks, 1 ultra matte, and 3 lippie stix
 The blushes and highlighters~~~
I think I'm loving "Ribbon", "Konichiwa", "Tiny Chum", "Date Matte", and "Small Gift" the most!!
I'm still curious as to how long this collab will be on the site ;;
I'll be devastated if I don't get at least one thing from this collection
(TT___TT )
Although I'm a bit sad that Halloween is over, I hope this post was inspiring to some for thoughts on what to do next year!
I'm gonna start practicing that double eyes look now! lol
~Love you! x amiman~


  1. So many cute pics! I had to work on Halloween so I did my own version of Kotori-chan witch xD
    And omg I love some of the Hello Kitty collab! Do you already own Colourpop? What do you use to apply the eyeshadows?

    1. Everyone was so creative and colorful!~~ and aw you had to work ;; but it's cool you got to dress-up at work! I have a few things from Colourpop now. Using my fingers works best with the eyeshadows! I have applied them with a small flat brush and also a spongy brush too.