Monday, October 31, 2016

☠💰2nd Halloween Look: Sexy(ish) ver.!!💰☠

Happy Halloween gals!! I'm here with my second halloween post! Supposed to be sexy ver. but i feel so odd using that word towards myself lmao
I call this look:
⚔☠ KuroPirate Gal ☠⚔

 photo tumblr_inline_mfsk2bWCWL1qid2nw_zps51072777.gif
 As you may be able to see, my makeup went a little different than I planned (shown below). Which I expected lol

I kept looking back to the pictures of Baekhyun's makeup and decided to switch the placement of reds and brown. So instead, I started with red as a base, from the crease and almost past the brow bone. The brown shades were placed on the lid beneath even more red, and then red glitter (which didn't turn out as vibrant as I wanted ;;) I also realize Baek's makeup has a more grey(?) or black tone rather than brown but I prefer brown, but I smoked out my liner with dark grey eyeshadow!
(↓↓ Florescent Light ↓↓)
Super Duper Closeup lol
I really liked my eyeliner! Makes my eyes look like the shape of a fish lol (the wing is the fishtail!)

 photo tumblr_inline_mlf1mt2SLD1qz4rgp_zps3c44a5f1.gif

Can you tell I had waaay too much fun taking these?? Especially editing them lol
A pirate's gotta have their booze and booty, right?
• blazer: Forever21 / thrifted
• shirt: thrifted
• skirt: Hollister
• belt: Guess
• boots: Rue21
• accessories: off brand, taobao (leg garter)

~~Enjoy the rest of my photos~~
hehe when I look at these I see a story
I'm the captain's right-hand woman, but as a pirate I'm rightfully mischievous. . a trouble maker. One day our ship is bum-rushed and ransacked by enemies and the captain is captured. I was busy counting loot when they attacked, so I hid (stashing some gold and jewels in my clothes of course, just incase they steal everything mama still has a little something for herself~). But they found me and locked me up!
"Nah don't kill her. . .she might be useful to us," the grimy man hummed.
I noticed one of their crew members looked fairly new to this. He's young, anxious and seemed like he could be easy to work over. Although his stance was strong with help from the gun he held, I could see his eyes dart and his gun tremble.
"Pssst, hey wanna help me out?"
"Ya see, I don't belong here. You know my captain right? I'm real important to him, almost as important as he himself! I don't deserve to be locked up, right?. . I can make it worth your wild."
(´ ◕◞౪◟-)-☆
Did you enjoy my little scenario? lol My prop was some kind of vinegar wine omg it smelled horrid! It got all over my hands (‘﹏*๑)
But I had tons of fun doing this! My family and I also carved a pumpkin!
 My sister doesn't like the smell but it brings back childhood memories to me~ I grabbed all the guts with my bare hands and she freaked out lol This is how it turned out!
Spooky~~~~ but cute because it has one baby fang at the bottom!
I hope everyone has a fun and save Halloween!
Tell me if you liked this look and what you're dressing as this year~
~love you! x amiman~

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