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*☆♡Falsie Collection & Review!♡☆*

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Hello lovelies~ How are you?
Today's post is on one of my favorite things:
With this post, I'll be showing my growing falsie collection and sort of reviewing them. (And for me, I hope making this post will get me to calm down on buying so many ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )
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This is where I keep all of my lashes! It's a lot more organized now, but it's full ;; I need another bag!
These are most of my lower lashes! The top ones are a pair that I altered. The pair with the heart next to them are one of my favorites~ Most of these came in this box together. I'm sure you've seen this everywhere! I purchased this set on ebay.
 #1. Here's a picture featuring the altered pair of lower lashes! I made these with lower lashes I got on ebay and the inner parts of a pair of Diamond Lash glamorous eye~ (the upper lashes in the pic below are also altered) I really loved the way these lashes looked together. Adding the glamorous eye gives a more "droopy" appearance to my makeup.
 #6. The sixth pair in this box are shown below. These lower lashes give a "dolly" look, but noticeable. Usually lower lashes aimed to make the eyes look doll-like are thin and kind of go unnoticed on me, so I really like that these can be seen without taking away from the upper lashes. These lashes were also easy to put on!
 #7. One of my favorites! I really want to buy a full pack of these since this lash set only came with one pair like this. I like these a lot because they are easy to handle and I feel like they can complement lots of different looks! These lashes were included in my Blue Raspberry Lemonade tutorial (x), and my first Larme Kei look (x).  I also used these in one of my Halloween posts (x) shown below!
 #9. Since the last time I used these, I've cut one in half haha. I used these when I was going for a "popteen model" look. This is what I meant by dolly = barely there lower lashes, however I liked the appearance of these lashes for this look and they are fairly easy to put on.
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Okay so this next set was originally a set of 10 pairs of the same type of lower lash, which you can kind of see towards the bottom. But I've placed a few random eyelashes in here. The 2nd pair are just Eyemazing no.004 double stacked in the middle!
 #1. The first pair are the other altered lashes that I mentioned earlier. These were paired with the altered bottom lashes. You can see this look here (x)! As shown in this picture, I combined Eyemazing no. 004 with DL glamorous eye. Although it looks kind of wonky here it looks a lot better on the eye! I love the wispy / tethered effect the glamorous eye added to this look.
 #4. The fourth pair are lower lashes that I think I should use more often. I kind of forget about these but they're actually very pretty! I don't quite remember if these were hard to work with or not, but I shall put them to the test soon. They're definitely another dolly pair to me, they give the illusion of enlarged eyes.
 #6-9. Maybe the hardest bottom lashes I've ever used lol I clearly remember these giving me a hard time. They're pretty stiff and kept lifting off on the corners.

But hey they made for a nice picture that day!
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I bought these lashes on ebay. The top pair are how they came, the bottom pair I altered!
 I combined these lashes with the Kardashian's beauty lashes in "scintillate"!
I bought the kardashian lashes from Ulta but somehow I lost one of the lashes! Sooo I just decided to cut the last one in half and use as accent pieces lol. These altered lashes can be seen in my "Manya/ Egg magazine inspired" look here (x)! Adding these accent pieces really transformed the original design of these lashes. They're more dramatic now and blend in a lot more than my other altered lashes.
These are a spare few pairs of lower lashes. The thinner ones on the left I haven't used much recently. I used to wear them a lot (I would repurchase them all the time). They are the easiest pair of lower lashes I've had the chance to use; they're easy to place and peal off of my face lol.
 The other pair on the right are currently my favorite lower lashes. I won a few pairs of these lashes on ebay! These are my last pair ;; I really hope I can find them again!!
Here's one of my favorite makeup looks I used these lower lashes and the unaltered upper lashes as well!
Ah I love these lower lashes so much! They're really noticeable! I think that's the biggest thing with me and lower lashes. I look for lashes that can be seen, this was always a struggle for me; lower lashes that don't get "lost" or go unnoticed against my actual eyelashes. Also finding lower lashes that complemented my eyes, I feel like these just make a lot of my eye-makeup looks pop! I've used them as is, and also cut up into pieces.
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Top/Upper Lashes~~~
I can't believe I still have 3 pairs of glamorous eye left! Well they are pretty sturdy so they keep their shape for a while, a lot longer than other lashes. However, they're a lot more than just sturdy lol The band on these lashes are so hard and stiff it saddens me. But! For me, I get way more use out of them when I cut them into pieces! This makes application easier. *the last pair of lashes are just regular wispy eyelashes*
 Eyemazing no.004~~~ My favorites! I use these far too much to be honest. . .
These lashes are super easy to use to me, they remind me of Dolly Wink no.1 but not as fragile. The Dolly Wink lashes I had to be really careful with. The Eyemazing lashes help me get that big eye effect, I love a lash that I can extend well past my actual eye lol.
 Just regular (though pretty long) eyelashes. Not as noticeable as I thought they would be, especially not in pictures ;;
 Oh boy, these lashes. I purchased these from ebay and these lashes aren't as noticeable as I thought they would be either.  I've only tried them twice but I will try again. I think I have to try a different angle to apply them in. These are stiff and hard to apply. You have to reeeeeally try to get these to stay down on both ends of your eye.
 But here's a picture from my last attempt with these eyelashes! This is from a winter himekaji look I did (x)!
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This was fun going through photos and seeing the change in makeup style depending on the type of eyelash!
I hope you enjoyed this post~
So who else has a shopping addiction? Is your eyelash collection huge?
Whenever I see lashes in makeup stores I look the other way in hopes that I don't buy any lol.
Who am I kidding, I already have some false lashes on my wishlist on ebay and amazon. I'll cave soon enough (Ο_Ο;;)
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