Saturday, April 4, 2015

Gets, New Lenses & Coord/Makeup! ♥

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*coughs* wow my last post was February - -;
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It's my last semester in school so I'm trying really hard to focus on studies so I can graduate.
So I've just been busy with classes, deadlines and such
(*´▽`*) totally drained you guys
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So there's a few things I'd like to share!
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♥ Dueba Gossip Gray
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♥ Princess Mimi Almond Brown
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I haven't gotten a chance to wear the gossip gray lenses but I'm hoping they'll look ok!
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I also won a giveaway!! This was from the very lovely, Xin ♥
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she even included a cute handwritten note~
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can't wait to use them all! (so far I've only used one pair)
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*drool* finally I own a pair of diamond lashes! Glamorous eye!
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these are flipping FAB I wore a pair today!
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my recent taobao purchases!
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I've finally jumped on the gudetama trend
ah...he's just so cute~~
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I adore these shoes~~
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used this for the first time ever today! You'd think black eyelash glue is the best thing ever right? Well it's harder to work with omg if you lay your falsies incorrectly, the black smudges are just blatantly there
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and now, today!
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very toned down but I was going for a cutesy popteen look lol
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I was actually very happy today!

Wish me good luck! Graduation is this May!!!
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  1. Aaah, I love everything you got. Especially that pink phone case, so cool haha!

    1. Ah~ I can't wait to use it! (kobito is like that character that's ugly but it makes them cute haha) I'm still using the gudetama one lol

  2. Your cord did remind me a lot of the newest issues of popteen ^^ Lovely makeup, by the way (^-^)

    1. Ah thank you so much dear! I'm so sorry about the late reply though (; __ ; )