Monday, August 10, 2015

What can I say, I'm a lazy bum [update & photoshoot] ♡

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Honestly I have no excuse for my inactivity here  photo tumblr_inline_mzmxtpWmCZ1qid2nw_zps511dfd45.gif
I've been lazy since school ended but now I have a reason to blog again!
So lets play catch-up!
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My last post was April (jeez......) so since then I graduated in May and eventually I'll go back for my masters degree. . . .eventually 
Anyway, the reason I decided to post today was because I had something to share with you guys! As a graduation gift, my aunt gave me the opportunity to have a photoshoot!
She told me to be just have fun so I did an outdoors shoot in himekaji style
It was hella hot outside (it was about 101 while I was out) but we stayed in the shade~
 photo IMG_5681_zps9lpdz9b2.png
No heat was about to ruin my fun!
I feel like the shoot went well; the photographer told me that I was making his job so easy lol He said I was a natural but of course I got nervous and awkward in beginning .  I can't wait until the photos are ready, I'm curious to see the finished product !

I didn't think to take pictures of my outfit before I left the house but, I did manage to take a picture of the last outfit when I got back home.

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 photo IMG_5704_zpsenpq0qgf.jpg
not a good shot I know, but y'all will get to see the outfits better when the photos arrive~

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Didn't get a good close up of my makeup butttt here's when I finished my makeup

 photo IMG_5682_zpsklxxkqsd.jpg photo IMG_5689_zpsfablfcw1.jpg
 photo IMG_5692_zpsekttnlyd.jpg

and selca~~
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Other Updates
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I've updated the blog and my sidebar ! Do you like it ?
I added shop links for affiliates / sponsorships
Harajuku Fashion // discount code: ottokake
Fashion Store // discount code: ottokake
Fashion Kawaii // discount code: ottokake
Asian Cute // discount code: ottokake
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I also won a giveaway! But since I'm out of town for another week, it'll just have to wait until I return (  ;__;)
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Godddd I can't wait to use this purse! It's a betsey johnson bag and I got it for $ 24 !
I'm thinking of building an agejo wardrobe~
 photo IMG_5659_zpsz6duddfb.jpg
but I can't forget about rokku style ! I really like this dress ^^
and lastly
 photo IMG_5638_zpsz3esdjxo.jpg
aren't these the cutest sunglasses!? I got them for $ 7 !
 photo tumblr_inline_mgpcn4ZFDH1qdlkyg_zpsqrrke9yl.gif
Also I'm getting back into decoden!
 photo IMG_5720_zpsoyrvf8wj.jpg
I'm not completely finished with this case yet, just some finishing touches left to do.  I'm planning to open an etsy shop soon ! But for the time being, I will probably make 2 or so cases and sell them maybe on ebay because I need time to create a shop
 photo tumblr_inline_mgpcn4ZFDH1qdlkyg_zpsqrrke9yl.gif
Well thanks for reading ! And thank you for sticking around~ See you next post !
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