Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Winter Beach Escape ☀

Hello Cuties~

     I've been gone for a hot minute so allow me to catch you up to speed!  I reigned the new year in with my first bae-cation
{ bae-cationnoun  A vacation with bae.}

     I'm all about enjoying myself and the time I have on this earth now.  I don't want to waste my time being afraid so I took off for my second official vacation!  Prince and I flew to Fort Lauderdale and spent the week together as my early birthday gift!  He was stoked to show me his hometown and happy to be there for my first Florida visit.

     Now I wish I could say the moment I left was like a fairytale, however the euphoria wore off as soon as we landed . . . 
. . .  because they lost my luggage.  Neither of us wanted this to ruin our vacation so, we left the airport, picked up our rental car, and checked into our hotel.  Thank God, somewhere in between that, my luggage was located in another city and being shipped to us!

     Our flight was for 5am, so we had plenty of day time to play in the city.  But I was still a bit heart broken over my luggage, since I wanted to freshen up and dress to impress before hitting the streets.  So, Prince took me to this HUGE mall called Sawgrass Mills!

     But we were so exhausted by then, it was approaching noon and we were running off of four hours of sleep.  We looked in maybe 2 stores before we sat down at a coffee shop and fell asleep at the table (lol).  Soon after we left, night fell and I still hadn't heard anything about my luggage arriving.  After dinner I started feeling ill but we headed back out for essentials like new undies (lmao).  Luckily the hotel called to say my things had finally arrived (right before we checked out too)!  The day was finally ending buy I still felt terrible; didn't even realize it until it was too late but, I had food poisoning.
     My first day on vacation sucked ass.  I feel so bad Prince had to see me like that . . . but he wrapped me up in blankets, gave me water and kept an eye on me until I finally fell asleep.

Day 2

     Things got much better by the next day~  I even ordered room service for us!
Finally it was time to have fun!

     Prince took me to two flee markets that day and I was oh-so excited see it all!  I saw tons of cute things but I kept holding out (which I now regret lol).  Sooo many cute purses and I saw the coolest pair of retro jeans with painting and patches on it.  I did crack in one particular store that housed all the makeup you could ever want for cheaper prices!
     It was such a gorgeous day outside!  Also I'm now obsessed with the palm trees here.  I spotted a nice shot and had to do a mini shoot (lol).

     A happy and healthy Amiman♥.  And in case you were wondering what I purchased . . .

     I had loads of fun just walking around, trying things on, and soaking up the sun rays.  I didn't want the day to end so it was on to the next!  The second flee market even had a drive in movie theater AND a theme park!  I wish we had made it there earlier to get on the rides.  (︶︹︺)  But the day was still young so we went joy riding and ended up back at Sawgrass Mills (and it wouldn't be my last visit lol).  

I'll share the rest of my trip in the next post!  See you there!
~ Love x Amiman ~


  1. Oh my god! I'm so glad you got your luggage back eventually! I would be so distraught T-T What an unlucky first day!

    Glad you had a better second day! Can't wait to see the rest of your trip! ^U^ <3

    1. You're so sweet~ ( ◡‿◡ *) I really did have quite an unlucky day lol. I was trying my best to not sulk but on the inside I was distraught xD

      Ps. Thank you so much for reading ♥ (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
      - Amiman♥

  2. Oof sorry to hear all that happened! But I'm happy to hear that your prince took care of you! (Where are the photos of him dangit xD ) And omg you look amazing!♥

    1. 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。 lmao!! He's been telling me how he wants to do the "boyfriend does my makeup" video soon~ So I think that'll be his "grand debut" xD I'm curious to see how he does lol
      - Amiman♥