Saturday, January 4, 2020

New Year, Better Me! Surefire Way to Own 2020

Hello Cuties!

     Welcome to the shiny new decade that's filling everyone with hope.  I know it's just another year, just the next day, but for some reason this really does feel like a place to start fresh.  I've already stated that I'm making it my mission to truly enjoy this year.  Happiness is my biggest priority, but I do have some other goals.  Taking on a new year with all it's expectations can be a bit overwhelming, but I've devised a plan on how to own 2020!

     What is this grand idea?  It's simple.  In a sense that's all it is, my plan is to keep things simple.  That being my goals.  If I don't pack so much pressure on myself, my goals appear easier to obtain.  Telling yourself that you will graduate, buy your own place, post 12 videos a month, buy a car, start a family, travel to foreign countries . . . it's a bit much isn't it?

     Lala and I were chatting one day and thought of a "2020 goals template".  Basically a sheet to mark off goals as you accomplish them.  As we discussed the idea, we both shared how neither of us are really big on keeping New Year resolutions, because we never stick to them.  We agreed that having a small number associated with these goals feels a lot better.  (be on the lookout, it'll be an interactive template)

     One example of ours was improving our hair-make skills.  I think Lala does a great job with hair styling~  however I rarely do anything with my hair.  I mentioned setting the goal of trying 4 hairstyles for the entire year.  For starters, it's doable; four is very small number!  I feel that it's not asking of too much out of 365 days.  And while our conversation was more Gyaru oriented, this most definitely can apply to traditional resolutions.

So remember, k . i . s . s . : keep it simple, sis!
     After talking to Lala, I kept thinking about my goals for the new year.  Sticking with the simplicity rule, I only have one main personal goal:  to truly be happy.  I won't delve into that too much for the sake of staying on topic (lol).  Gyaru wise, I do have some goals.  In 2020 I aspire to :

  • Pose like no one's looking

  • Take more pics with friends

  • Up my makeup game.  (Do not fear the eyeliner!  Be colorful and more glitter!!!)

  • More Kurogyaru and badass vibes!

And lastly . . . 
  • Remain unbothered and unapologetically Gyaru

What are your goals for 2020?
~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. Yes to all of this!!!! I am so ready!!!!! Please more kuro! You look so good ♥

    1. (っ˘ω˘ς ) ohh you spoil me~~ lol ♥ I'm ready too!! I have a few looks in mind, I need to jot them down before I forget xD
      - Amiman♥