Saturday, January 18, 2020

Beach ̶b̶e̶ Trippin' ☀

     Hello Cuties~  Let's jump into day 3 of my trip!  (if you're lost pls go back one post xD)
Day 3
     Without a true itinerary, we sort of went with the flow each day.  However we did plan for one day in Miami!  (Next time we go to Miami, we want to check out their night club scene!)  I don't recall the shopping center we went to in Miami but there were so many cute swimsuit shops.  I should've gotten one~  I probably did most of my shopping in Miami (lol).

     I remember noticing the fashion difference in the locals from Miami versus Ft Lauderdale.  The moms are . . gorgeous and dress like I would lmao.  I was wearing one of my d.i.a tops and jeans and I somehow felt overdressed.  I wanted to fit in so I ended up buying this little number~
     Absolutely in love with this skirt set!  And it has safety shorts built in, bless!  Everyone was so sweet in Miami~  The shop staff and even other customers kept telling me I look great in this!

     I also bought this lounge / Summer short set and I cannot wait until it's Summer time in New Orleans to wear this.
     This has to be my favorite quote of the area.  It was on everything (lmao)!  Hopefully my next trip back to Miami isn't too long from now so I can rock this there too~

     Shopping in Miami is great and all, but you know what's also great?  Resting your feet and playing video games with your loved one for the rest of the night. („ಡωಡ„)  Don't judge me, I'm not the spring chicken I used to be (who am I kidding, I've been a sloth all my life).

Day 4

     Totally not a shocker to hear our visit to the beach was very impromptu.  Flashback to December, Prince asked me was there anything I REALLY wanted to do during our trip.  My one and only request was to visit a Ben & Jerry's shop.  Yes that's right, ice cream was my priority (lmao).  So we set out to grant my dairy wishes, which was 30 minutes away (T T).  We're like 5 minutes away from arriving when Prince realizes "Oh shit, this is on the beachfront"  ヽ(°〇°)ノ.  Followed by " . . . wanna go to the beach?"

     Of course I said yes!  We don't have beaches in Louisiana so I was excited to feel the sand and see the blue water~  But first, ice cream!

     Chunky Monkey, if didn't already know, best flavor hands down!!! (lol)  Ok so boom, ice cream in hand, ready to feel the sand when I notice I am dressed like it's Winter.  (which it is, but it didn't feel like winter at all!)  So I browsed through some of the stores to find something fitting for a day at the beach~
     I step out the dressing room and Prince turns into the mom from Mean Girls and pulls out his camera. (o-_-o) lol  But now I'm beach ready! Let's goooo~
 I should've gotten sandals too ;;
      It was such a nice day~  But when I tell you that wind started whippinggg.  Mind you, I was wearing falsies too!  (That surely didn't last long.)  And I'm sure I flashed all of the beach goers, whoops~
      We played around until the clouds came and brought a few sparse rain drops.  I wish the sun could've stayed out~
     I was sad to say goodbye to Las Olas beach, but I'm glad we took this random beach visit.  Definitely something I won't forget.   I bought a few cute souvenirs for my family while there.  I forgot to take pictures but I got them shirts, and these adorable keychains of bottled sand with seashells.  And for myself, I got this hoodie!
     I think I have a tie-dye obsession?  Any who, I really wanted something that had "Ft. Lauderdale" on it before my trip ended.  This shop had those print presses there, so I picked whatever I wanted and chose the design too!  It turned out perfect!

     Like a kid, I felt like I required a much needed nap after a day of play.  Plus, in the morning was our flight back home.  Or so we thought . . . not sure if we should just chalk it up to a misread of "am / pm" but our flight turned out to be at night.
(ノ_<。)ヾ(´ ▽ ` )

     Prince was pretty upset since it messed up a lot of our reservations, but we pulled through.  I didn't want him to worry, plus we technically got to spend an extra day in Florida!  Think of it as a "redo" of our first day (which I need not remind you was trauma inducing).

Day 5

     What to do with basically an entire extra day of vacation?  I drew a blank, but Prince remembered one wish of his parents; to visit their favorite restaurant, Bahama Breeze!  They know that I have a taste for Caribbean food, so they insisted I try it during our trip.  And~  there's a location right outside of that enormous mall, Sawgrass Mills!
      Random but I loved the menus!  All of them have different tropical paintings on them.  I just really enjoyed the vibe of the place.  I'm not a big fan of eating outdoors, however this location has seating with a view of the water behind them! (we ate indoors)
      Coconut mojito my friends~  With a whole chunk of sugar cane in it, omg!  It was creamy deliciousness (lol).  Now I must have been starving because I did not get a single picture of the food!  I ordered empanadas, coconut shrimp tacos, and fried plantains!  Ooo wee those plantains were so good.  Everything was delicious!  I smuggled my leftovers on the plane y'all.  No shame!  I cannot wait to visit again.

     No surprise here, we walked around Sawgrass after we ate.  I had no idea there was a high-end submall there!  I wouldn't even dare touch the door of the Gucci store!  。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。

     I'm so thankful this trip ended on a good note.  We made it home safe and sound some time after midnight.  I'll be honest I was nervous, this being our first trip together.  I wanted everything to be perfect.  Even though it didn't go exactly as I planned, I don't regret it at all.  Farewell beautiful palm trees~
I'm eager to run off on our next vacation!

     I truly hope this was a fun read for you guys!  Where should we go next?  And where is somewhere you've never been that's your dream vacation?  Give us some ideas, I'd love to hear it!

~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. Both the skirt set and that dress are adorable!! And they look great on you! I'm so glad you had a better second half of the trip!<3

    1. (´ ∀ ` *) ♥ thank you so much! I'm glad too, I would've been devastated if my trip ended badly. And thank you for reading my posts! (i was worried it would be boring ^^;)
      - Amiman♥

  2. I'm so happy your vacay went mostly well! You look so adorable in that set! Everything is so gal<3 And your Prince is adorable. Glad you had fun!

    1. I'm like SO ready for Summer, I want to wear that set with my d.i.a belt and some chunky heeled sandals!! And awwww thank you~~~ ♥ I just hope my body treats me right next trip xD
      - Amiman♥