Sunday, August 11, 2019

Amiman's Con Survival Plan (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

     Hello Cuties!  My last post was more about what I wore during MechaCon, this time around I want to talk about my experience there.
     I thought it would be cool to share everything I got to see at the con.  Perhaps it could be helpful to those who've never been to a convention and are curious about what goes on!  From what I've seen, conventions usually last at least three days.  You can buy a ticket for one day or do like we did and purchase a 3-day pass.

Where do I start?

     Conventions are typically held somewhere with a large "hall" or "ballroom".  Mechacon is usually held in a hotel.  The hotel was pretty huge!  Twenty plus floors!! ∑(゚ロ゚〃)  First day of Mechacon, we showed up early and got ready for registration.  You have to stand in line to receive your badges to have permission to enter the "floor".  The floor is usually where all of the novelties and goodies are sold.  There's usually a opening time for vendor tables, so check that out ahead of time!  Sometimes there are pamphlets handed out to map out the events or tables.
What will I see there?

     Besides tables where anime and Japanese goods are sold, there were panels.  If you're familiar with comic con, you know about the concept of panels.  These are usually held at specific times in certain rooms.  And the people over the panel talk about one topic.  Fans can ask questions or perhaps see a show!  When I got my Mechacon pamphlet, I was so excited to attend the k-pop related panels!  However, after this first experience, I realize you really have to have a plan set to do everything you want to do.  Unfortunately I didn't get to attend a single panel.
     Prince and I decided to check out the vendor tables as soon as the doors opened.  That was a pretty good idea, that way I would get familiar with the set up.  It was a little confusing at first, I actually did get lost at some point when I separated from him lol!  Another reason why it was smart to check out the tables so early was because, there were less people on the floor so early in the day.  Prince also mentioned that most items from vendors' tables sell out within the first two days of the convention.

     At first I was worried I wouldn't have much to look at or buy since I don't know as much about anime as Prince does.  However there's a lot of general kawaii items to see!  As soon as we walked through the doors, the first table had a slew of plushies of characters I know and love!  Rilakkuma, Gudetama, Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, you name it!  They even had cute stationary items and kitchenware.  I felt a bit attacked because as soon as I reached out for something, the vendor started blasting a bts song.  。゚(TヮT)゚。
      There were plenty of plushie tables!  And I was on the hunt for one in particular ~
     King Boo   but, alas I went home boo-less because he's expensive!  I should've gotten a Gudetama though! And if I had seen "lickitung" I definitely would've bought him!!

     To my surprise kpop was quite prevalent at this convention.  I should've anticipated such since the music has gained a lot of popularity this year.  Kpop merch was about everywhere I looked.  I saw not only posters, I saw fanart being sold, key-chains, pillows, and physical albums.  I even came across a vendor selling kpop pins!
      You'll meet a lot of people at conventions and hopefully make some new friends!  While browsing a kpop station, I met the funniest person!  We talked about Nct and music as Prince watched in (I believe) awe.  lol  I loved her sign and asked to take a picture of her.  She still cracks me up!
      Speaking of lovely people, you'll see tons of great cosplays and meet the great people behind them.  I was a bit shy this go around, but next year I will be more interactive.  However I did see many awesome cosplays!  Some of the characters I didn't know, but their cosplays were surely something to admire.  I think my favorites were the kda girls from league of legends, and all of the "turned princesses" of mario characters.  I was entirely too nervous to get their pictures but there's always next time!
     You guys know me well enough to guess what tables I frequented the most those three days.  Anything Japanese fashion related or just cute pastel jewelry gives me "heart eyes". (lol)
     This is me rummaging through Showtime Sweetie's table.  ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ I kept telling the girls there "ah everything is so pretty! I can't choose what to get!"  What drew me to Showtime Sweetie was the yami / yume-kawaii style and medical motifs; very akin to the menhera concept.  If you didn't know, recently I've been pretty interested in yamikawaii fashion (^ ^ ).  I ended up buying two chokers and a rosette pin for my new ita-bag!  I really want a pair of their pill earrings and syringe necklace~  Luckily they have an online shop too!

     Point is, there is a LOT to see during conventions.  From the typical manga, figurines, body pillows and boob mousepads, to different forms of art like fan-made glass candle holders and handmade apparel.
Ok, what's there to eat?

     Well you might not actually ask this one (lol) but surprisingly there were things to munch on.  I mean sure you could walk in the nearby area and discover a restaurant or try dining in the hotel / hall.  However, I think it's common to see a table of all your favorite guilty pleasure Japanese snacks and drinks.
     You might find something you've never seen or tried before!  Prince spotted a box of sake flavored kitkats and they were amazing to say the least.  They tasted exactly like sake (*゚ロ゚)!  (funny thing is he thought it was a bottle of sake that was kitkat flavored sksksk~)

What you might not prepare for?

     The inevitable wait for the elevator.  No matter what floor you're on, what area, even if it seems less crowded around it; the wait for an elevator is LONG.  I honestly hadn't thought about that happening, but it was about 15 minutes for one to arrive to your floor.  SO many people attend these conventions, so that's a lot of foot traffic throughout floors if the convention is spread out that way.  Ps. You also have to be ready for crowded elevators too (lol).
* Anxious Ami waiting for the elevator lmao

     Something else you might not think about is food.  That really depends on the type of person you are.  I over prepare.  I am the "I'll eat before I go just in case there isn't food" kind of person.  However even doing that didn't have my back!  Prepping for the day's look would take so much out of me that I'd be starving by the time I made it to the 1st floor.  Those snack tables definitely came in handy!  I said it in my other post but I ate so much bread to stave off my hunger.  Not sure what to do to remedy the frequent hunger thing but, find a snack table and go crazy!
     That my lovelies, is my survival plan.  OH, and pack backup comfort shoes just in case!  Thank you for reading!  I hope it was a fun read!  Also, for those who haven't checked it out yet, below are my MechaCon vlog and "Get Ready With Me" videos.

Bye bye!
~ love you x amiman ~


  1. Awwwww! This con reminds me of Katsu! It's exactly like this! Not only do you wait for the elevators but to take photos with the famous gazebo as well! Dx I miss cons though! And you look absolutely adorable!!!!!♥♥♥

    1. Thank you (^3^)~ I want to attend more cons!! If you know of any jfashion related ones that I'd like, please tell me! If it's somewhere I can easily fly to (like Cali. etc.) I'd try to get there! I wish that one day we can go to things like this together ♥

      - Amiman♥