Thursday, August 8, 2019

A wild Gyaru appeared ! | Amiman takes on Mechacon

Hello Cuties~
     For once, I'm actually overwhelmed with content I want to share with you.  But you know me, one post per event (lol).  I've been the most excited to share this with you all!  Last weekend of July was Mechacon: an annual three day anime convention!  Prince wanted us to go together as our own little "staycation".  It was my very first time attending an anime convention, and I'm so happy I got to experience with him. (♡´౪`♡)
     I planned for us to do one cosplay together and the other days I would devote to representing Gyaru.  I also planned to film while there (lmao).  But we know how this goes when I get too ambitious.  Not everything goes right!

     Day 1, we sought out to be Marceline and Marshall Lee from Adventure Time!
     Aren't we cute?  haha He's still a liiiittle averse to taking pictures.  I have to get it through that head of his that he looks handsome.  ( ˘_˘)
     I liked this outfit over her usual one.  Plus shorts, because it's hot as Hades.  Now like I said not everything went as planned.  The fangs were our biggest enemy that day.  Or rather the adhesive for the fangs.  I was able to wear them just for pictures before peeling them off.  The glue was a MESS and wouldn't hold long.
      As you can see, Marshall Lee's wig was no simple task either.  We gave up on it all and just walked the floor in just our outfits lol!
     Even though we hit quite a few snags in the plan, I did have fun.  I think I bought a lot that first day.  I ate a lot too, but mostly junk food lol.
     Day 2 was my big day!  Since Prince gifted me that parasol, I've been itching to incorporate it into a look.  I wanted to do a full on Himegyaru look, but I was so burnt out and pushed for time, I didn't get to do the glamorous, voluminous hair.
     Nonetheless, it was an adorable coordinate!  I even wore a petticoat for the first time!  I enjoyed walking around in this (aside from the painful shoes).  I got stopped and asked to pose for a photo too!  It surprised me since there were so many great cosplays walking around.
      Like I mention, I ate a lot of junk lol.  I was starving on the floor, so I kept buying bread snacks.  Red bean paste and brown sugar were my favorites!
     Luckily, Prince was able to get a few nice shots of my coordinate on one of the upper floors.  I must give him props for helping me out and walking around with me to get snaps and footage for my video.
     I'm pleased with how it turned out.  Also this was the day I filmed two videos.  My "get ready with me" video was a fun one!  (plus you get a peak of Prince hehe)

     I got a chance to use my Decorative Playgirl lower lashes.  I LOVE them.  I don't know how I forget about them all the time.
* obligatory kitty selfies lol
     Day 3 I decided to keep it simple with a good ol' Kogyaru look!
     I intended to do full makeup again but it was the last day of the con and also our checkout day.  Checkout was rather early in the day, so unfortunately we didn't get to do much walking on the floor.  Once valet gave us back the car, we couldn't find parking near the hotel, and it started to storm.  
     This would've been fun to walk around in but after meeting up with friends and walking to just about anywhere to eat, I was exhausted!  No worries, the outfit didn't go to waste.  We went out to eat after ditching Mechacon.
     All in all, I had a blast at Mechacon.  I can't wait to go next year!  I think I'll only strive for one or two looks though (lol).
     Now, I know what you're waiting for~  My lovely purchases!
     I adore the details of this bag!  I've recently gotten into the idea of having an ita-bag.  Lucky for me there were quite a few vendors selling different ita-bag styles.  I wanted about 3 of them but I decided on this one.
      I purchased a couple of cute pins to go in my bag too!  One from Bink Boutique, along with a very fluffy necklace.  And a sweet menhera / yumekawaii pin from Showtime Sweetie.
     I got a few silly meme pins from a station that I didn't catch the name.  They had a lot of kpop related pins and some nice bundle sales.  I regret nothing lol.  Besides pins, I also scored some jewelry!
     The ring is from Bink Boutique and the two chokers are from Showtime Sweetie.  I hope to see them at future conventions!
      Y'all already know what's going on~ lol  I saw another kpop table and they had posters so I HAD to get my baby Suga.  And lastly~
     Boo! ༼⁰o⁰   ༽♥  My precious Princess Boo, aka Booette!  Prince bought this one for me and I love it.  King Boo is my favorite mario character and once I found out about the Super Crown and it's ability I fell in love.  Isn't she lovely?
     I hope this post isn't too long and boring to read.  I also hope you enjoyed all of my outfits!  I'm already hatching up ideas for next year's con!  Until next time, Mechacon.
~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. It looks like you had so much fun I happy that you had a great time������

    1. I did~~ I hope to attend lots of conventions in the future! Hopefully they'll be more jfashion focused and I could finally meet amazing gaijin gals (like yourself ;3 ) in person!

      - Amiman♥