Sunday, July 21, 2019

To post, or not to post, That is the question:

     Hello Cuties, it's been quite rainy here to say the least.  It's hurricane season and we just dodged one luckily!  (Barry wasn't so scary after all.)  But I won't let the weather rain in on my fun (except when we're instructed to stay indoors lol).

     I filmed recently, a demo video for the new foundation and concealers I bought.  However I'm still not sure how I feel about it.  The outcome of the makeup wasn't what I wanted (this is what I get for "winging it").
     With that being said, these pictures may or may not reappear in another blog post.  I was getting tired of creating too similar makeup looks in my videos.  This look is very different for me, but I'm not sure if I executed it well.  To me it looks messy.
     Per usual, I try to incorporate all new makeup purchases into the succeeding makeup looks.  This time I used my new eyebrow pencil and new blush in junction with the Juvia's place products.
     Funny story with the blush (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。).  In the video, I royally screwed my entire face with the VERY pigmented blush.  I had no clue it would be so vibrant omg.  And I just happen to chose a brush with similar color bristles / hairs.  Therefore, I couldn't tell how much product I picked up until I brushed it across my cheek. . . You know, I might post the video solely for that part, just to see the look of horror on my face (lmao).

     It took a lot of effort, but I corrected my mistake(s); because trust me there were much more in the video!
     If I'm not playing with makeup, I'm usually out eating.  It's become a favorite pastime!  Prince and I went to my favorite empanada joint:  Empanola.

     (Plus my ootd, incase you've ever wondered what I look like when I'm not "gal-ified".)
     I really take entirely too much joy in photographing food before devouring it lol.  We also revisited our latest favorite Japanese restaurant:  Daiwa!
     I'm telling you now, if a Daiwa opens near you, go and order the Dragonberry cocktail!  My favorite sushi roll is the "cowboy roll".  (Prince swears by the smoked salmon avocado roll.)  Prince had me try hot sake during our very first visit to Daiwa.  It was unlike anything I've ever had. (lol)
     I appreciate that y'all are so patient with me.  I have more video content planned for next week!  I really hope to not let you guys down.  I'm really trying to step it up!  Thank you for all of the good wishes~
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. I really do hope we see more of this look! It's so gorgeous and sparkly!
    I love your outfit!
    Ommmggggg that food! I wanna go with you ToT

    1. I think i will post it after all, I took the time to film it I might as well (lol). I think the footage is clearer for the purpose of a demo video, versus the mechacon grwm I posted.

      And thank you~ I usually hesitate to share non gal stuff here but sometimes I just love the outfit too much, or I feel like I haven't shown my face in a long while.

      Omg pls I love showing friends new places to eat!!!!