Wednesday, June 6, 2018

How to Apply Falsies (Gyaru tips 'n tricks)

     Hello Cuties~ I'm back with the second portion to the prior post!  Aren't you curious as to what I filmed?  It's been requested that I do a video on how I apply false eyelashes!  Now, as I mentioned in said video, I'm no professional but I thought I'd just give this a try.  I'm also not the best instructor but I really do hope you like the video!

     The purpose of the video and this post is to also demonstrate how to modify, stack and apply eyelashes and accent pieces.  I've always studied the tutorials in Egg, especially when they show how they stack lashes and share what brands they use.  So I've attempted to do the same thing here.

     Stacking lashes can be done in various ways.  Each number represents eyelash parts and the arrows depict where each part is placed on the eye.
     There's the basic method of stacking where you use two whole upper eyelashes and place them on top of each other.
     The next common method of stacking involves the addition of "snippets" or accent piece lashes either in the middle of the eye as shown here . . .
. . . or additions on the inner corner or outer corners of the eyes.  And lets not forget about the lower lashes!
     In my demonstration, I decided to use the second and third methods by adding accent pieces to the middle and outer eye.

-- MAP --
     Once I've uploaded the video, I will share it here on my blog.  I'm thinking the title will be along the lines of Gal Lessons:  Applying Lashes.  But how do you guys feel about making "Gal Lessons" a section here on Alice in Gyaruland?  Every so often I'll tackle "how to" videos and posts on skills that Gyaru use.  Sound like a good idea?
~ Love you! x Amiman~

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