Friday, February 22, 2019

What Not to do When the "Treat Yoself" Mentality Kicks In

     Hey Cuties, I know you all can relate to those "I'm not going to spend money" bouts.  You set out the task to behave and spend money less frivolously, and suddenly you're bombarded with eye-candy.  In my case, it's cosmetics.
     I feel as though I've been spending quite a lot.  Then suddenly cosmetic brands put out all these new releases!  On top of that, I'm now sitting on a few gift cards.  And thus started the itch to shop again.  (๑⁍᷄౪⁍᷅๑)
     Am I the only one who has a list or note on my phone of makeup items I want?  My list was huge before I got this new phone.  So I'm basically starting my list over and here's what I've been ogling.

Stila Glitter and Glow liquid eyeshadow
     In all honesty I want the whole collection, all of it. lmao  But where should I start?  Lately I've been obsessed with liquid eyeshadows, especially glittery ones.  I like using them for lid colors but I want to try using them underneath the eye.  I want that "av gal" aesthetic. (´ゝз・`)ノ⌒
Miyashita Tsubasa is the g.o.a.t !
Milani Hypnotic Lights
     Like I said y'all, I'm OBSESSED with liquid eyeshadows right now.  Milani has a few (really wish they had more) and they look amazing!  Starlight kind of reminds me of Over the Moon highlighter by colourpop.  I want prismatic light
Makeup Revolution Violet Chocolate
     Do I even have to explain myself?  If you didn't know, I am a fan of Makeup Revolution.  (plus an avid purple lover)  I love their chocolate palette series! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡  I've gotten to see a lot of them in person and swatch them in stores but I only own the Pink Fizz palette.  

MR Lemon Drizzle
     Might as well throw this one in there too.  I saw this one on instagram and fell for these warm summery tones.  I just wish more reds and yellows were in the palette.  Then again, how many ways can you make yellow eyeshadow?  But this palette is still gorgeous!
Huda Beauty - The New Nude
     Y'all, I haven't had the luxury of owning anything from Huda Beauty but I want this palette so badly.  ʕ ಡ ﹏ ಡ ʔ  I'm sure you all are thinking it "girl you have like 3 palettes similar to this".  And I mean . . . maybe so lmao.  I own a lot of pinks, mauve, and plenty of glittery palettes.  But this is different somehow!!  I want it!
Fenty beauty Mattemoiselle

     Now I'm sure I have lipsticks in this color range right now, but will that stop me from grabbing of these babies?  Stay tuned to find out~ lol  These lipsticks just look so fabulous on everyone.

Fenty Match Stix
Chili Mango
     Surprisingly I still haven't gotten my hands on an orange blush!  I feel like it's a staple gal piece lol.  Last year I finally got around to buying orange lipsticks, but now I need something like this to complete my look.  I especially love that it's shimmery!~

Colourpop BFF mascara
     Colourpop has been releasing a lot of fun products this year and I want IN on this colored mascara.  I remember nyx had them before but I think they recently stopped carrying / producing them. ( ; ; ) That sucks because I went searching through ultas for their pink mascara for my valentine's day makeup look.  But that's okay, I will try to get my hands on this one before they think of discontinuing it.
Circle Lenses

     I still have about 3 pairs of my Decorative lenses and a few of the Secret Candy Magic left.  However I've already begun to "window shop" for more contacts.  I visited my favorite shop, LOOOK, and came across some lovely lenses!  I'm telling you guys right now, I AM getting at least one of the "Ice" lenses.

QuoRe Ice Brown

QuoRe Ice Pink

QuoRe Chocolate

     I can feel my wallet quivering in fear.  (⊙﹏⊙✿)  Would you buy any of these items?  I actually love seeing what people buy or what's on their wishlist.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets this strong urge to splurge on things I like (or even watch others shop, I mean that's why haul videos exist)!  Retail therapy is the realest form of therapy.  It's so therapeutic . . . until you're looking back at your bank account transactions. 。゚(TヮT)゚。

~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. Guuuuuuuuurlllll...omg I know your pain! I am the same way with makeup, fashion and bunny stuff! What do we do xD

    1. It's what makes us happy lol can't fight that. I rather be happy right now! ˉ̶̡̭̭ ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) ˉ̶̡̭̭
      - Amiman♥