Saturday, March 9, 2019

Sweet and Sassy 🎀 (agejo coord)

     Hello Cuties~ I'm back with another "slice of life" post.  But of course, with a new look incorporated!
     I finally got to wear my full Ma*rs skirt set!  Last time I "wore" it, I just paired the skirt with an off the shoulder sweater.  It wasn't as cold (at first); the evening had other plans. (;¬_¬)

     I wasn't ready to brave the March sky with bare thighs just yet lol.  However, I actually like how the set looks with tights.  Alternatively, I thought of using a pink beret.  Kind of sad I didn't get my purse in the picture; it complements it with its huge side bow.


jacket - 32 degrees
top - Ma*rs
skirt - Ma*rs
tights - offbrand
shoes - Joe Boxer
beret - offbrand
accessories - Forever21, Avon, h&m

     Prince and I went out to eat and shop around for the day (per usual).  We indulged in quite a few treats that day.  (I'm just realizing my ma*rs set has a sweets print too.)  After lunch we stopped by Sucré.  Now initially we came just so I could have a pleasing backdrop for pictures, but of course we can't NOT buy something.
 Kind of wish we bought one of these, they're so pretty and pink!
     As for the pictures of me?  Would've been gorgeous if I wasn't such a goofball. lol
*sigh* oh, Amiman ~
     For weeks Prince and I have been wanting to return to Amorino since we stumbled across it.  Later that evening we went downtown and got some gelato (despite how cold it had gotten).  I ordered a hot chocolate to make more sense of the situation lol.  Funny thing was they were out of regular hot chocolate so I ended up getting to try almond flavored hot chocolate!
     I hope everyone is treating and taking care of themselves.  With the constant back and forth of cold and warm weather here in Nola, I started to feel a bit under-the-weather.  Somehow I'm ok today, so fingers crossed I stay well!  I had ramen twice this week and drinking tons of tea and water!

Stay warm and healthy, Loves!!
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. Babe, you slay me with every style you do! And no worries about being a "goofball". You are fun, cute and LOVE! It's all part of the awesome package! And omg those sweets look so good!