Monday, February 18, 2019

I promise I'm not a shopaholic

Hello Cuties!
     Do you ever find yourself hoarding pictures on your computer because you told yourself "I'll need this for a post"?  I've found myself doing this a lot these past few months.  And it's always the same thing, recent purchases that I wish to share here.  But somehow they're forgotten or omitted for whatever reason.

     So with that being said, all of these pictures are over a span of months.  I didn't go off the deep end and shop my feelings away within one day ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗).
* going from most recent to oldest
     I bought this 24k gold Hello Kitty face mask from the World Market (and I cannot wait to use it)!  Actually the only thing I've gotten a chance to use from this picture is the Mario Badescu facial spray.  I've only used it once so I can't say much.  I did buy it to help my skin condition during winter.

     I desperately needed a smaller blending brush so I picked up one by Essence.  As for the eyelash applicator and eyeliner, I've wanted to try these specific items for a while.  I didn't need a magnetic applicator but Ulta didn't have another one in this shape.  I purchased the mini brush kit for trips and for doing makeup on the go.  Same thing goes for the duo brush (how cool is this thing?!).
      Snagged these awesome pieces thanks to being a Beauty Insider with Sephora.  These were a part of the free birthday gift I got back in January.  It's Kat Von D's tattoo liner, her lock-it translucent powder, and 3 of her lipsticks!  I need to remember to try these out soon.
     However, these items I have been using quite religiously lately.  This was my first time trying out Smashbox's primer so I opted for the travel size.  The results have been outstanding.  Finally I don't get those terrible smile line creases in my foundation!  Urban Decay's setting spray has been doing a pretty good job too.  I still get a tiiiiny bit oily on the tip of my nose, but hey!  That's great compared to how greasy my whole face usually gets with makeup.
     As of recent, I've been feeling pretty victimized by my boyfriend saying my closet "looks like neapolitan ice cream". (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。) lol  I mean he's not wrong, Liz Lisa has ruined me lmao.  So I bought this super cute cropped baby blue sweater! . . then preceded to buy a pink turtleneck and cream skirt (smh).

     The rest of these were my Christmas gifts that I somehow forgot to place into my Christmas post.  I got quite a few makeup related things!  But I'll share everything anyway.
      Some of my friends got me gifts too.  My friend Kat made homemade scrubs!  And Jazzy bought me cocktail mix lol!
      I carry that backpack purse everywhere now!  Also now I can travel in style with this glittery cute carry-on bag.
      The makeup section~  My sister bought me new makeup brushes!  My dad got me a sequin bin for my growing makeup collection.
      My aunt got me the coolest personalized makeup bag!!  My mom got me the makeup case (my old one is full y'all).  And gift cards yaaaay!
      The sephora card came in this lovely holder, with a mirror!  Definitely going to be keeping this in my purse / makeup bag.
 So far I like the brushes, and the blenders are amazing!!!
      So much PINK swag~ lol I love that my mom picked leopard print, so Gal
      My sister also got me a bedazzled heart shaped mouse.  It makes me what to jump back into decoden, sigh~
     I've purchased a few more things that I've failed to take pictures of.  Mostly because they were impulse buys from "here and there".  I picked up Nyx's liquid eyeshadow in "metropical".  Two comfy sweaters from American Eagle.  And NK lipstick in "paco".

     The sad part about this post is, while I'm trying to make it seem like I don't shop a bunch, I'm still thinking about all the stuff I want to buy. ԅ[ •́ ﹏ •̀ ]و (oh well~)

See you next post!
~ Love you x Amiman ~


  1. Well I'm glad it's not from one day's worth of shopping XD
    But these are such awesome items! I actually recently bought that same NYX liner. I have yet to try it out! I love how your family knows you so well. I have to buy these kinds of things myself lolol

    1. I hope the eyeliner looks as amazing as it does in others' pictures! And (♡´艸`) they truly get me lol (plus they hear me go "ugh i need to buy ..." all year long lmao)
      - Amiman♥