Friday, April 13, 2018

You Know You're Weak to Temptations When...

     Hello Cuties!  I say this with only a  t o u c h  of shame.  I've cracked and ordered some new lenses.  (΄◞ิਊ◟ิ‵)  I say only a touch because it made me realize just how attached I am to gyaru and gyaru makeup.
     Lately I haven't been feeling like myself.  It's a common occurrence so I knew what would cheer me up.  So I did what I always do: shop and do my makeup.  However, this time it felt different.  Something was off, missing.  Actually it was quite a few things.  I wasn't as happy with my appearance.  Usually I feel transformed, like I've become an entirely new person!  Does gyaru, or just makeup in general, make you feel that way?  Does it personally give you that kind of .."power"?
     I still stand by what I said a few days prior, I depend on circle lenses too much.  I say that because personally I feel like I slack off on makeup skills and techniques and rely on circle lenses.  Also allow me to clarify : While there's nothing wrong with always wearing circle lenses, there is also NOTHING wrong with being lens-less in gyaru.
Besides the lens thing, I'm really having a hard time adjusting to my natural hair.  Now that's just me being me.  Others look so nice rocking their natural hair along with Japanese / kawaii fashion.  I feel like it doesn't fit me.  But that's just my opinion about myself.

     So long story short, I ended up buying two boxes of lenses from rakuten!  I'm not sure if you all remember in a specific post I mentioned I had a parcel go missing.  I had ordered some lenses from a different shop on rakuten than I usually buy from.  So if this new order arrives with no issues, it's safe to say I'll be sticking to LOOOK shop from now on.
 🎀Secret Candy Magic No.3🎀
🎀Decorative Eyes No.4🎀
     I can't wait for this parcel to make it into my arms~  With all the new clothes and makeup I've been buying, I'm so ready for inspiration to hit me!  I already have 2 looks in mind, too.  (also I hope I like how these lenses look on me)  But as I said I'm not ashamed of falling into temptation.  If anything this just made me realize gyaru is such a big part of me.  Gyaru is still important to me
Speaking of temptation, today I picked up a couple of things~
Finally I have "Apple Crisp" intense butter gloss!  As for the nails, I have some big plans for them!  I stopped by a few places in search of this particular gloss (it's always out of stock), and saw some new items in Ulta.
Since when were there a rose gold palette and a mint palette?!
I avoided this temptation . . . for now lol.  I've got to have the Rose Gold chocolate palette and the Flawless 4! (((; ఠ ਉ ఠ))  I'm a weak woman when it comes to makeup y'all.  What about you?  Are you weak to temptations?  
Until next post
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. Omg you and the makeup porn xD But seriously, it's ok to feel off sometimes. That just means to take a break now and then. Or try something different. I like to change up my styles sometimes. It's all about perspective. No lie.
    OMG I would love to see more looks with your natural hair! Especially with maybe rokku???? I haven't seen that style on you in a while. Plis?!!!! <3

    1. That's true, I should just take a break sometimes..but most of the time when I become inactive I consider that a break, however the entire time I'm moping about how i'm not doing anything lmao! But changing up styles is a good idea.
      Awwww really? Thank youuuu, seriously you have the sweetest, biggest, most sincere heart ♥♥ (TT^TT) I don't deserve you omg. It's funny you say that because I was just looking at rokku and goshikku style the other day! I really do miss it too. I'm wondering how I should get back into it since I've gotten rid of all my rokku friendly clothing since college (O__O;) hmm..I need another leather jacket, had to trash it since it pealed a bunch :/ Ohhh man you've started something now lmao!
      - Amiman♥