Friday, April 20, 2018

"The Cardi B of Gyaru" Nails ♥

     Hello Cuties~ I'm feeling super inspired this week!  I really want to make another pair of nails!  Now I know what you're thinking "you haven't even worn the last set you made".  And you're right, but I feel as though those nails aren't the "everyday" nail for me.  I could only possibly wear those in kurogal, ora ora, rokku and agejo.  They're much too flashy for himekaji and that's currently the style I do the most (๑・▱・๑), thus started this need to create.

     I've been looking at so many pictures to base my design off.  My mom took a look at my sketches and said "looks like a lot of work".  Lol (・∧‐)ゞ Nevertheless, I was eager to get started!  I've pulled aspects from all of these pictures:
     However, once I gathered all of my material, I had to step back and thought "maybe I'm way in over my head".
     Many times my ideas or mental images are grander than what I can create.  So I was a tiny bit hesitant going into this.  I'm not even sure why, seeing that my last set went fairly well.
     I finished the set last week! Well I still have to top them off with mod podge for high shine, but I'm basically done.  What do you think of them?  I made one mistake and it's going to bother me FOREVER.  I forgot how silver flat back rhinestones react to e6000 glue; it creates this cracked look.  I should have just used the mod podge only.  But this is the type of "trial and error" I need to encounter so I can perfect my craft and one day open my deco shop.  This was also an excuse to try out using mod podge as a glue, so fingers crossed these nails don't fall apart~ (; ゚▽゚)/

Until next post~
~ Love you! x Amiman ~

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