Saturday, April 7, 2018

GC Day 23: Local Gals in Your area? More Likely Than You Think!

     Are there any local Gals in your area?  A question I've pondered for a looong time now.  Ever since I took interest in Gyaru, I wondered if there were any others in the South, let alone in New Orleans, that had fallen for Gyaru fashion and lifestyle.  But since I'm such a shy dork, I've never tried reaching out to other gaijin gals until recently.
     I'm beginning to realize some of us are the same; we're a little apprehensive at first.  And I know it sounds rather silly to say that, being that gals are known for being bold and confident, but we're all human.  It's normal to be a bit nervous when putting yourself out there to new people.  So I decided to just ask.  "No harm in it" is what I told myself.  The worst outcome would be that no one would answer me.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  So I turned to tumblr and asked if there are any gals in the southern states and surprisingly 2 came forth!  I think the biggest shocker to me was that one mentioned they're from New Orleans!  I wanted to be inclusive with my post, so that's why I asked about gals in the southern region.  I figured if I only asked about New Orleanians no one would answer.  That goes to show me!
     Regrettably, I don't know them personally.  I hope to get to know them one day if a meet-up is ever organized.  I know some of you reading this may think it's irrational for me to think no other gaijin gals are in my area.  But I've always thought of such as a westcoast / eastcoast luxury.  Meetups are much more common in those states; or even more so in other countries!
  So if you're like me and think it's impossible for gaijin gals to be near, it's actually more likely than you think! 
     Ps. I apologize for the semi-hiatus this blog is going through.  It's mostly the result of a missing parcel (of new lenses) and lack of motivation.  But! That shall change soon.  I want to practice my makeup more.  Although I will be getting more lenses, I feel as though I rely on them too much?  So I plan to strengthen my skills~ Wish me luck gals!
~ Love you! x Amiman ~

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