Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Gals Don't Take Awkward Photos 😬

     Hello Cuties~  Not sure if you can tell, but I'm taking a different approach with this blog.  I've always wanted my blog to be well rounded and just as entertaining as it is informational.  My amount of personal updates won't change at all, I'm just adding in more things like tips, tricks, and news.  I hope you enjoy it and see it as growth!

Now onto today's topic: How to avoid awkward pictures!
     I don't know about you guys but personally when it comes to being photographed, I can get a bit shy and freeze up.  It's happened plenty of times, I'll be excited for the photo and suddenly I'm standing there with my hands behind my back or hiding my face.  If you can remember back to that photoshoot at the art museum, I complained about my habit of not looking at the camera or just having "giggle fits".  Sometimes I need to be reminded of the simple ways of how to pose for pictures!  So here's a compilation of my favorite gal poses

The Classics

Peace Sign ✌
When in doubt, throw the peace sign out!  I know it sounds silly but when I freeze up, I forget even the simplest poses.  For the most part this post is about full body poses, but this helps selfies too.  I find myself looking blank in the face far too often in my selfies.

Egg Pose

Call it what you want, it's iconic lol  Not sure if I've ever tried it in photos but I'll make it a goal now.

Sometimes you can just take advantage of what you have, like accessories.  Wearing a hat?  Play around with it!  Pull at the hem of your dress / skirt to show it off!

The Bold

Not sure what to even call these poses but it's all boldness and no hesitation here!
Okay so maybe that last one is a little ambitious and requires some extra help, but hey it makes a fun picture!

The angel~
I call this "angel pose" because you appear so precious and innocent ♥  I tend to do this a lot in selfies actually, just one handed (lmao).
 But as I said, the focus of this post is on full body poses.  So here's a similar sweet pose~
A trick I notice is, when I have props to work with, the outcome is a bit better.  So I guess you actually should play with your food, huh?

Sexy & Cool

Another tip for myself is Gyaru is about being bold, sexy and carefree.  Therefore, I shouldn't hold back or feel to shy to pose as such!
I think it takes a pretty cool gal to be able to pull that pose off.  I aim to be like these gals and just put myself out there!

Back Pose

Recently the "back pose" has become a favorite of mine.  It can be everything wrapped into one:  cute, sexy and cool.

The addition of a heart is super cute, I don't know why I've never thought of it before!

The "squad" pose as I like to call it lol.

The Candid

When you try to appear as though you aren't posing for the picture.  Or an actual candid photo if you'd like!
 It's rare that I ever like the outcome of candid photos, but sometimes you luck out!  I just like how genuine they are; they're great for showing personality.

     I hope these tips and tricks were helpful.  Personally I'll be referring back to this post because I'm sick of becoming "a deer in headlights" whenever someone tries to take pictures of me.  It's time to be cool, calm and collected because, quite frankly, Gals don't take awkward photos!
~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. Omg we do the same thing! It's so different when it's a selfie but it just feels so awkward when posing for someone else. But the more you do it, the more comfy you'll get. It also helps when you're loving your look for that day. I know I had a surge of confidence when I went to Anime NYC in my D.I.A. spec look. One random guy even called me gorgeous xD;

    But I definitely believe you can pull off all these looks. I NEED TO SEE YOU DO THE ANGELIC ONE. OMG <3 And you have to do the EGG pose! Do another shoot soon, ok?!

    1. Omg glad I'm not the only one who freezes when it's not a selfie lol Idk what it is but I freeze up especially when a friends is hyping me up xD I just get painfully shy? But on the inside I'm like JUST POSE(੭ु˙꒳​˙)੭ु⁾⁾!!
      Omggg I would love to do another shoot! For sure I have to get these poses in! ♥

      Ps. Yes! Girl you looked so gorgeous and confident in your D.I.A! Work that confidence! That's a great tip too~
      - Amiman♥