Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What to do When You're in a Creative, Mental and Emotional Rut

     Hello Cuties, I'm sure it's clear to some of you that I haven't been very consistent with posting.  Lately I've been feeling that my posts are lack-luster and perhaps a bit boring.  I definitely fell into a routine when it came to what I post here.  So after a while, my posts became less engaging, shorter, and read more like a picture book.  (Does that make sense?)
     Anyhow, I've been doing some "soul searching" so to say, and found great ways to extinguish ruts.
Treat Yo'Self
     You're probably thinking spending money would only add to your stress.  But splurging on things that you love in pursuit of happiness only makes sense, right?  Sometimes I think it's just a temporary happiness, but in fact every time I see these things, they bring me joy.  And even if it is short-lived happiness, it's better than nothing.
Look at this cutie! His name is Scrubee!
     Recently I got to catch up with Ave and we had load of fun shopping around Magazine street.  I purchased this vibrant dress for summer and a few bathbombs at Lush!  I also picked up the W7 colour me nude palette.
     Getting to talk and goof around with a friend helps me to forget whatever I'm struggling with; and 9 times out of 10 it works both ways!  

Visit Your Favorite Places
  Whether it's a museum, a garden, a boutique, or restaurant, just go!  And go as many times as your heart desires.  Between February and now, I've visited Nomiya 3 times.  I enjoy the food so much.  And as cheesy as it sounds, every single bite is full of joy and love.

See the Beauty in the World
     Go out with some friends, or even alone, to find "hidden treasures".  I spent a day with Amy and Dom and we found so many beautiful murals.  I've even spotted some lovely gardens these past few weeks.
You better believe we took so many pics in front of this lol

Dabble in Favorite Hobbies / Activites
     I say dabble only because the point is to jar you from this rut.  If you put too much pressure on yourself for perfection, it'll end sourly.  You'll be just as unmotivated as you were in the beginning and now discouraged.  Like to write?  Create a drabble, a short scenario or even just describe some scenery.  Love art?  Try a little sketch of anything that pops into your head.  Have fun with colors.  Is makeup your passion?  Just saw a look that you love?  Try it out, or at least try a something inspired from it!  This is exactly what I did last week.
I wanted an excuse to use my new palette and also just wanted to play in makeup.  Once I stopped trying to make things perfect, I had a lot of fun.  Some times you need to relax and not be so hard on yourself.
     I feel as though every time I create a post like this one, it appears like I'm ready to call it quits on blogging and Gyaru.  However that's far from the truth.  My passions will always be somewhere in writing and reading.  And since I've been lacking and slacking in my literary practices, blogging is a bit of an outlet.  In a way, I'm still writing.  As for Gyaru, I'm 100% positive I'll always have an interest in it and Japanese fashion in general.  I think it's rather hard to even let the aspects of it go even in old age.

     This post is for you all as well as for me.  The point I want to make with this post is that you will get past this drought of productivity.  You've experienced ruts before, they don't last forever.  And if you got through them then, you can get through them now.  So here's to moving on from that creative, mental and emotional rut.  I'm rooting for us all!

~ Love you! x Amiman ~


  1. These are wonderful advice! I should try this next time I need a little push~ And I love that makeup look!!!! You should do a star one next!

    1. Yay!! I'm happy this was motivating~ I'm going to be returning to this post a lot for my own well-being lmao And ooohh a glitter star look!!!?
      - Amiman ♥